20 Funny memes that only those who can not live without coffee will understand


For those who did not know, the love of coffee is brought into the genes, or at least that was the result of a study conducted at the Brigham Hospital (United States). According to the researchers, there are four genomes that determine how the body processes caffeine, influencing the reward it causes in the brain.

If you know you can not start the day without a delicious cup of this liquid gold and you become a monster until it enters your organism, then you will identify yourself with at least one of the following images, which were made especially for all addicts to its stimulating effect.

1. You can not take just one cup

2. Who needs Whatsapp?

3. It has a relaxing effect

4. It is the answer to everything

5. Do not touch it!

6. Nothing else

7. Before, do not talk to me

8. Now, whatever you want!

9. It is the answer to everything

10. Although it seems the opposite

11. Relax

12. I need an URGENT transfusion

13. Or I'll go to the dark side

14. You better take me little god

15. So you can not

16. Important is that you understand

17. I do not need more

18. Everything takes you to him

19. You super-power

20. The story of my life

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