20 Fun memes that only art lovers will understand


We live in the 21st century, a time when the Internet and social networks control everything we see, hear and even our sense of humor; That's why most of the time we can not live without a good dose of memes a day. But, have you ever wondered how the people of other times lived, without memes?

Well, before the Internet existed, paintings were the only visual source of entertainment that existed. Fortunately, they are still preserved and spectacular. However, some users of social networks have taken them as an inspiration to create memes. The result is so funny that it will make you cry with laughter.

1. Damned existential problems!

2. Grandmother I already ate at my other grandmother's house

3. That's why I did not want to eat grandma

4. I better cover my eyes

5. Well played that ball mom!

6. My hair, damn!

7. ¡Scandal!

8. Here I am, surviving

9. The perfect plan

10. Are you sure it will only be a little?

11. Welcome to this world, dear!

12. What a bitch, what a bitch, what a bitch my friend!

13. Here comes the one you like, acts normal

14. Get inspired mijito!

15. And all he could see was the bottom of the sea

16. But only one

17. Life is sometimes very hard

18. You just had to laugh mom

19. Why are they like this?

20. Free I am, free I am!

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