20 Fun costumes that the little ones in the house should wear this Halloween


Halloween is one of the dates in which children have fun, either becoming their favorite characters or something that could never be in real life, so why not have fun with them.

Is October 31st coming and you still can not find the ideal costume for your little ones? To facilitate this work and the little ones can show off, we have listed the 20 best costumes we have found for this celebration to be a success.

1. Pac-man

The classic eat ghost is here and you will not need a big budget to make it come true.

2. Robot

A few recycled materials and a lot of imagination can help you achieve something like this.

3. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is a character that definitely can not miss this year, this villain will be one of the most popular costumes.

4. The mad hatter

Although it's been some time since Tim Burton gave us the classic Disney, Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter is a character that does not stop calling our attention.

5. Sadness

This is a great time not to hide feelings, so both Sadness and Joy, Fury or Dislike - characters from the film Intensely- they could be the perfect character for this Halloween. What mood did your son wake up to today?

6. Star Wars

Two characters that can not miss this year at costume parties.

7. Cotton candy

If you are looking for something more tender, an unusual and quite appetizing costume, this cotton candy will surely be a hit among the guests.

8. Super boy

Superman is another character that does not go out of style and all children love it. And of course, what child does not like to have superpowers?

9. Elliot of E.T.

An extraordinarily simple, comfortable and fun costume.

10. Carl and Russell

The protagonists of the adventure movie Up will remain for a long time the maximum representatives of fun.

11. Cruela de Vil

We can not deny that this little girl's costume is excellent. The images speak for themselves.

12. Matilda Wormwood

Who has not been excited with the movie Matilda, the lovely girl who has entertained generations with her witticisms?

13. Edward, from Jorge the curious

The man in the yellow hat should watch that Jorge, the monkey, do not get in trouble this time.

14. Joker

Joker also makes its appearance in these festivities as one of the great villains. Does not it look fantastic, too?

15. The cat in the hat

A classic of children's literature that reached the big screen in 2003. The costume is great and simple.

16. Rubik's Cube

A test for your intellect. It is a disguise that you can perform in a short time and it is quite original.

17. Mummies do not go out of style

This particular costume we love because they have added a little pink for a female version and chilling.

18. Fairy

For girls who prefer something more feminine is that we propose this fairy costume, quite well done and that will surely highlight all its qualities.

19. Chills

Costume based on the series of books of terror and science fiction for young people created in 1992 by the American writer R. L. Stine.

20. Chucky

In the last place of this list we present you a classic character from horror movies and one of the great protagonists of all time: Chucky.

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