20 Fabulous grandmothers who are the perfect example of how we would like to see ourselves at their age


Do you remember those times when visiting Grandma was a magical moment? Seeing her knit or enjoying her homemade cookies made anyone's day; however, times have changed and they too, now it is impossible to find them in the kitchen or sitting in the rocking chair, but maybe you can follow her on Instagram or say hello to her Whatsapp.

And as time does not stop, surely our future paints for bigger things, and these 20 grandmothers check perfectly how we will look in a few years.

1. We will use the best outfits

2. We will not fear flashy clothes

3. We will make beauty tutorials

4. We will have the best accessories

5. We will love to change look

6. We will enjoy our time alone

7. We will be eternally rebellious

8. We will not leave aside the glamor

9. We will be in the best shape

10. We will play with our grandchildren geeks

11. We will not be afraid to show our body

12. Not to say what we believe

13. We will take the best selfies

14. We will have thousands of followers

15. It will be impossible to escape from fans

16. We will tell the best anecdotes

17. We will visit our friends

18. We will have the most beautiful grandchildren

19. We will retain our sense of humor

20. And we will show that the third youth is the best

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