20 Enchanting things that a modern dad does Everybody should be like that!


The parents of this century have broken stereotypes around them, the upbringing and care of the little ones no longer only depends on the moms. Today they are more involved, however, we do not recognize their effort to be a better example. Believe it or not, a modern dad does these things and more.

1. Change diapers

2. Have fun with and for them

3. Cook

4. Help them get dressed

5. Work is not an impediment

6. They let them win so that they realize their strengths

7. They get up at midnight

8. They comb their daughters

9. They play princesses with their daughters

10. At the time of makeup, they are always available

11. Shopping trips

12. Have fun with a good selfie time

13. They are the best at nap time

14. Help in cleaning the home

15. Are involved in the education of their children

16. They are excellent single dads

17. They are extraordinary psychologists of their children

18. Respect the place of the mother

19. They always care about the health of their little ones

20. They are not afraid to express their feelings

Definitely the roles in society have changed. Today more and more parents are looking to work from home and thus avoid losing one of the most incredible stages of their children's lives, childhood.

Would you like a dad like that for your children? Me!

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