20 Effective tips to make your marriage a happy and lasting adventure


Have you seen those elderly couples walking hand in hand? Can you imagine how nice it would be to reach old age with your partner and spend so many years together loving and taking care of each other?

It does not matter if you barely got married and you want to know how to get to those golden years, or if you are already in a stable relationship, these effective tips will help you achieve it.

1. Start in the correct way

First of all it is necessary that they are in love, that they accept their differences and realize that this will last forever, getting married is simple but keeping the flame of living love implies work.

2. Keep coming out

Having dates is important to maintain a healthy relationship. If they stopped going out for some reason, do it! It is not necessary to spend a lot, you can go to the park to walk, go to the viewpoints of the city and talk about good memories or future plans. Try not to talk about work, problems or negative things and leave the children with someone to take care of them.

3. Learn to see your partner as a human

After the initial lust and hormonal intoxication that triggers falling in love, only the truth remains: what they are as people, their qualities and defects. Think of your partner and see everything that made you fall in love and value him. He will always be there with his smile, his sense of humor and his way of thinking; also see bad habits and realize that he is human and there are some things that can be arranged by talking, such as asking him to pick up his socks every time he changes his clothes, but try not to give so much weight to the negative aspect, remember: nobody is perfect.

4. Dare

Get out of the routine, plan to do some extreme activity that you have always wanted to try: jump with parachutes, swim with sharks, jump into the water from a very high place, give a funny twist to your relationship, thus strengthening your confidence to face this type of challenges together.

5. Learn about your partner

Ask everything you can think of, make a family tree, tell you curious facts that nobody cares about, make a list of your favorite songs. The fact is that they are curious and learn everything they can from each other, they will have all their lives to do it.

6. They laugh together

Keep a good sense of humor is very healthy, laugh strengthens the immune system and nothing better than spending your time laughing with the person you love, whether watching comedy movies or by any situation in their daily lives.

7. Not only is having, learn to keep

You have heard that phrase when you have it, you do not want to, because it must be the opposite, if you have tried so hard to be together, keep it. Have what you love and love what you have, find that person you love deeply and when you are with him, take care of him.

8. Remember: your partner does not read the mind

When you are angry or resentful, say so; If your partner asks you what's wrong, answer them. It is better to take things out instead of keeping them, no one reads minds, you should talk and find a way to solve the problem, instead of putting it in the bottle of resentment because sooner or later those things that bother you fill you with resentment and end for making you explode. When talking about what bothers you, stick to the topic and do not insult your partner.

9. Beware of the ego

Try to moderate your ego, especially in discussions, the ego is a bridge between your way of being and the world around you, it is a means to interact and keep you safe, but when you are with someone so close you have to learn to put it aside and listen to what your partner is trying to tell you. Avoid thinking selfishly and close to what you want to say.

10. It's not you against your partner

No matter what comes in the relationship or in life, it is not about being against each other, walk together, are you against the problem, do not share guilt or responsibility, seek a solution together.

11. Keep the morning details

When you wake up in the morning, think, what can I do to make your day happier? A kiss, a hug, tell a joke, send a funny image Whatsapp, etc., that kind of small details are the difference between one day and another.

12. R-E-S-P-E-T-O

Respecting your partner is also respecting your family and friends, your time, your space, your feelings, your achievements and your dreams. This strengthens the relationship and the trust between you.

13. Never hurt

Being so much time with a person, makes you know it well and know what is your vulnerable part, where it hurts more and it is important not to cross that line. No matter how upset you are, think about how much you love him and breathe deeply before starting an argument.

14. Resilience

We all go through difficult or painful situations, being resilient means falling and getting up again, overcoming something and becoming stronger.Despite the difficulties try to be positive and support each other in these stormy times, it is not about controlling the situation but about adapting and growing together.

15. Remember the important dates

Surprise each other in the birthday celebrations, remember the moment they met, when they started being engaged or engaged, always wear your wedding ring and above all, rejoice if one of the two meets an important goal, try to be in those moments always.

16. Think before you speak

It is a basic rule in relationships: communication. It is important that both of you express your feelings and ideas, but you have to know what you are going to say before doing it to avoid misunderstandings or hurt your partner; If you are very angry for some reason, breathe and repeat to yourself what you want to say, find a way to soften the prayer to be always respectful and kind.

17. Learn to apologize

Take some time to think about what you are doing well and what you are doing wrong, and if you were wrong, have the strength to apologize and remedy your mistake. Let your partner know that you will not do it again. If he is the one with the error, then learn to forgive him, remember that they are human and can be wrong.

18. Commitment

Commitment is the key to be happy, to learn to yield, to grow and to continue to love. Listen to your problems and complaints, understand yourself, validate what you feel and seek the solution.

19. Stop arguing about the same

Be aware and if you have been discussing the same problem for months and you can not solve it, then let it go. Do not remember or blame the mistakes you have had before, if you forgave it is the end of the matter.

20. You two against the world

They are a couple, they are both and when asked who is in charge, the answer is simple: both, because there are two who rule, two who make decisions, those who love each other, those who respect and understand each other. Play, be the best friends and enjoy your company, tell yourself what you feel every day, be accomplices.

Marriage Advice From Divorcees (January 2021)