20 Dramatic cats that could easily be nominated for an Oscar


The characteristics of the cats make them so peculiar and that throughout the history of humanity have meanings as wide and varied, as each of the cultures that have adopted them as part of their magical thinking.

And now, with technology within everyone's reach, fun and wonder are never over. And to show, these 20 cats that have been caught at the right moment in which they convince us to applaud them or to flee, all because of their talent as dramatic actors.

1. I will help you

2. I can not with this

3. The annoyance of the adhesive tape

4. Frozen!

5. What do you see me!

6. I'm not going to bathe!

7. Do not even dream that I'll go to the vet!

8. Hey, are you angry?

9. The feline creation

10. Oh! What will be of me?

11. Do not talk to me

12. The sad farewell

13. Do not dream it, I will not exercise!

14. The call of the jungle

15. They attack me!

16. I was discovered

17. The Thinker

18. Singing opera

19. I prefer to be embraced by someone else

20. But what do I see?

This Compilation Of Overly Dramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar Award (February 2020)