20 different ways to use the hair pins that will change your life forever


The forks or hair pins are one of the basic accessories that has more uses than we imagine. They are the best allies to have a quick and easy hairstyle in those days when our hair is more rebellious.

They are also very cheap, easy to find and make all the difference in the hairstyle. Here we present some tricks to use them in a few minutes.

1. Do not open them!

It is very common for everyone to use their teeth to open them, but this is not the way to use them. The pins are designed to slide between the hair without having to open them.

2. This is the correct way to use them

The wavy side will always go to the scalp, and the straight side up.

3. Secure them

Spray the pins with spray before using them, so they stay in place for longer.

4. You can braid the top to keep the fringe away from the face

Use the pins to fix the hair.

5. That does not look

Hide the pin by pointing it in the opposite direction to the hair

6. In the form of a zigzag

Give your short hair a new shape with this simple hairstyle.

7. Secure the tip of the braid

With a hidden pin.

8. With three pins

9. More volume

Give volume to the ponytail with two pins hidden at the sides.

10. A knot

Separate half the hair, tie a knot at the nape of the neck and secure it with pins.

11. Adorn your hairstyle

Place colored pins in the middle of the braided hair for a fun touch.

12. Style chevron

13. In half tail

14. Curls that last longer

Place pins in each curl until the hair cools so they stay longer.

15. Fill your head!

16. A simple and elegant hairstyle

Worthy of red carpet. Just pull the hair to one side and place two pins of a tone similar to yours on the opposite side to ensure it.

17. Create your own style

18. Ideal for asymmetrical hairstyles

19. Hide the elastic

So that the ponytail is not visible, cover it with a section of hair around it and secure it with a pin.

20. Decorate them

Use nail varnish to give them your personal touch.

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