20 Different Adidas styles that all girls die for having


Since you can remember, Adidas shoes are probably part of your pre-teen memories, and practically what you asked for most in life. And is that the history of the most famous design of this shoe brand, is undoubtedly and will forever be the Superstar. Same that went on sale in 1969 and of which surely its creator, never imagined that shoes oriented to the world of basketball would become icon of contemporary pop culture.

In 2015 the line was taken out again Superstar, but this time recovering its brightness with more 50 different colors and baptized as Supercolor. This made those 50 colors become 50 more reasons to collect these tennis shoes. So since then the girls have not stopped looking for these shoes full of personality, color and a lot of pop! Choose your favorite style within these 20 Adidas options that every girl dies to collect.

1. Tennis Adidas They are back

2. And the style Superstar it brings us all crazy

3. From the simplest

4. Even the most colorful

5. Those that were surely your teenager's dream

6. Today you will need them in bright colors

7. And in pastel colors too

8. How are these in purple

9. And pink Barbie

10. And the classics for the most rude girls

11. They are the most searched online

12. And you'll find prints too

13. And with a silver cap to shine

14. The hologram renewed the superstar

15. So many designs to get

16. And in totally protagonist colors

17. That will inspire your creativity

18. So casual and Chic both

19. Do you already know what to order?

20. Definitely summer tennis

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