20 Differences between your life at the BEGINNING of 20 and your life at the END of the 20


The way we live and see life at the beginning and end of our third decade of life are radically different. Fulfilling the 20 will be closer to fun, the inexhaustible energy and the carefreeness of 18 and up, with the advantage that you will be in college and no longer live in your parents' house. At twenty-somethings, almost thirty, you will be entering, in reality, professional or productive life, with economic responsibilities, schedules, and so on. But each one has its own.

These are some differences about life when we just turned 20 (start) and when we approach the 30 (final).

1. Drinking alcohol

Start: How many drinks of this bottle of vodka can I drink before I vomit?

Final: How many glasses of wine can I drink before I unintentionally faint at 10 PM?

2. The definition of a great night

Start: Party all night long! It's 6 am: let's start drinking! I'll sleep when I'm dead!

Final: It's midnight and I ate too much. I'm going to sleep.

3. The hangovers

Start: My ten friends and I drinking beer to cure the hangover until lunchtime.

Final: It's just me, my headache, the pizza delivery boy and a Netflix series marathon that I see with my eyes half closed.

4. Eat junk food

Start: Muffins with cheese and sauce, doritos, McDonalds all in a day.

Final: Muffins with cheese and sauce, bath; doritos, bathroom; McDonalds, bathroom; antacid, bath. Bathroom. Antacid

5. Salads

Start: No thanks. I'm not a rabbit.

Final: I love them in everything!

6. Animated movies

Start: Cartoon?

Final: We are going to see the new Pixar movie at 7 p.m on a Friday night and cry at the end. (Do you remember toy Story 3?)

7. Speed ​​limits

Start: Is there a policeman nearby? Do not? Weeeeee!

Final: I am going over the speed limit because I am a safe and responsible driver. If that guy who comes after me does not stop coming soon, I'll slow down so he learns his lesson on speeding.

(I'm applying justice by my own hand, I'm Batman on a Jetta!)

8. Driving, in general

Start: I think reckless driving is fun

Final: These damn young people make me feel terrified when I drive

9. The cleaning of the apartment

Start: Hahaha Clean? I? Do my parents come to visit? Do not?

Final: If this apartment is not clean every Monday morning, then I'm going to lose my damn concentration!

10. The kitchen

Start: My food is made in the microwave

Final: A place that contains what is necessary to prepare meals with my own hands

11. A clean kitchen

Start: Ummm, yes, I'll keep using the clean dishes until I run out; after that happens I'll clean only the one I need, and when the sink is too full even to clean the plate I need, I'll regret it and clean it up.

Final: My real idea of ​​torture would be if someone forced me to go to sleep before I left my kitchen clean.

12. Exercise

Start: A lot of effort

Final: If I do not exercise, my muscles will atrophy and it is a painful process.

13. Water

Start: Something I drink to compensate for all the alcohol in my body

Final: Something I drink because my body is no longer functioning on automatic pilot. The struggle to survive is real!

14. Dishes

Start: Unisel dishes, unless it's a Ramen soup or cereal, in which case I'll use the only bowl I have in my apartment.

Final: For special occasions with white and black stripes; the beautiful newspaper ware: which one do you prefer?

15. Things to drink other things

Start: I'm still using the red plastic cups that I bought for that championship beer pong.

Final: I have glasses for red wine and glasses for white wine, glasses for water, cups for coffee, cups for tea, cups for espresso. Basically, there is no drink that you can bring and that in my cabinet you can not find the right container. (Drinks come to me!)

16. Appointments

Start: That's what the elderly do, right?

Final: The only real way in which we are going to prevent this relationship from disintegrating

17. Sleep

Start: Five hours of sleep are good, let's go party!

Final: All my day and possibly my entire week will be ruined if I do not get at least an 8-hour sleep cycle

18. The agendas

Start: This is where I put my suggestions of when I should go to class, even though we all know that I will not go to the majority. Also, who needs an agenda? I live and I die for spontaneity!

Final: I literally forget all my plans, unless I put them on an agenda. I have to get some ginkgo biloba so my memory remembers everything.

19. Dancing

Start: Something I do with another person

Final: Something I do completely alone, in my pajamas, listening to music from the 90s.

20. People who are 25

Start: Viejoooooooos!

Final: Be young again!

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