20 Delicious and fun PASTRIES for a Baby Shower


No Baby Shower It would be complete without a cake, right? But if you're bored with the traditional ones, which do not add any creativity, maybe among these delicious party cakes you'll find the perfect idea for yours. You can even have an edible diaper, though: Do not you think they're too beautiful to want to eat them?

1. It's a child

2. Do you really eat?

3. A beautiful and sophisticated cake

4. Simple, with shoes and bows

5. Explosion of pastel colors

6. Baby diaper It's a boy, with puppy

7. Pancita in miniature

8. Baby in the crib

10. Another bird will arrive

11. I want to keep it!

12. Is it made of bread or foami?

13. They can not wait to go for a walk with their baby. Did you notice the original black color of the fondant?

14. Everything in blue and coffee

15. There are also in pink

16. Coming soon

17. Pink diaper

18. Baby Shower literally

19. Pastel tenderness

20. WOW!

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