20 cell phone backgrounds so beautiful that you can not stop looking at them


The cell phone has become an indispensable tool in our day to day life: we take it with us wherever we go, we look at it all the time, through it we communicate with the world and we learn all the gossip. We would feel lost if one day we forgot at home!

As something essential in your life you will surely want to give it your personal touch. These 20 wallpapers will make you want to unlock your cell every time just to look at them and melt with tenderness.

1. Some very colorful Japanese waves

2. Dinosaurs are not extinct

3. If your favorite movie is Alice in Wonderland

4. The universe on your cell phone

5. I wish we could make bubbles in the shape of kittens

6. The Korean sign to represent a heart is very tender

7. If you identify with a lazy person because both are sleepy

8. Chí cheñol!

9. Cacti are very easy to take care of and more if you take them on your cell phone

10. Pretty watercolor dinosaurs

11. I think I've seen a cute kitten

12. The corgis fluffy booties are the best

Background for cellphone, pretty corgi dog wallpaper on pink background with the phrase "I love you"

13. Pusheen will never go out of style

14. A beautiful and minimalist garden

15. Japanese fish to attract good luck and your cell phone is not downloaded

16. Spatial snow paddles

17. If you have been told that you have your head in the clouds

18. The only bad thing is that every time you see it you will be hungry

19. There is nothing more colorful and happy than a rainbow

20. Turn your cell phone into a beautiful garden

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