20 Baby hippos that will make you the day with your tenderness


It is believed that hippos are creatures that have remained among us for 55 million years and their complexion makes them the third largest mammal on Earth, after elephants and rhinos. Native to the African continent, river horses They feed mainly on plants and, believe it or not, their closest relatives are whales. These plump friends are caring, they are considered the most aggressive and ferocious in Africa and can run as fast as a human being.

Putting aside their unkind nature, we can say that they have gained ground as beings that inspire tenderness, especially in animated stories, it is enough to remember the hippopotamus dancer Fantasy, from Disney; to Tasha, of the Backyardigans; to Gloria, from Madagascar, or to Beshte, from The Lion's Guard. That's why today we want to show you 20 photographs of baby hippos that can charm anyone.

1. A bubble!

2. Learning to swim

3. Smiling for the camera

4. As a family

5. Summer day

6. Newborn

7. I can not leave

8. Mom!

9. Hello!

10. Yumi, flowers!

11. Mother and son

12. At the feet of a giant

13. Playing hide and seek

14. Evening walk

15. To know the zoo

16. I'm not fat!

17. Wiiii!

18. Good morning!

19. Ready to eat

20. Eat!

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