20 Amazing designs for matt black nails that will give you the perfect touch of glamor


It is always important to keep our nails well decorated and to match our clothes and makeup. If you want to get out of the ordinary and highlight your hands use a matte design, and get an air of elegance and mystery with every movement of your hands.

This type of enamel is dull and dull and maybe creates boring and lifeless manicures, so you must learn the combination and the appropriate use for you to have a luxury design.

1. Give it a look chic to your nails with some points

2. The texture is perfect and allows you innovative creations

3. Add a little bit of glamor

4. Highlight details in gold

5. The combination with silver is infallible

6. Add flowers for a fresh design

7. You do not have to decorate all your nails

8. You can combine several designs at the same time

9. A little around here and another over there

10. Animal Print using two types of enamels

11. They are so beautiful that they do not seem real

12. A touch of color never hurts

13. Red and black are like twin souls

14. Take your own garden

15. Add jewels to your nails

16. The glitter he had never had a perfect base

17. They adapt to any season of the year

18. No matter your skin color

19. They are simple and elegant

20. Ideal for you

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