20 Adorable PUPPIES that show that they can sleep anywhere


Puppies, like human babies, need a lot of rest for their development. And like a human, they can also sleep up to 18 hours a day! However, unlike humans, puppies can sleep anywhere, anytime.

1. Mom, can you tell me a bedtime story?

2. The food is comfortable

3. How tired it is to go shopping!

4. Flower pots? It seems more like a bed to me

5. I'll just sleep a little here

6. I did not want to run, I wanted to sleep

7. Work leaves me exhausted

8. I'm dreaming that I'm a Ninja

9. Why do you come to the beach if it is not for sleeping?

10. There's nothing better than sleeping with mom

11. I will take care of our bicycle

12. I've lost my dream career

13. A beautiful view to sleep

14. Do you think I sleep sexy?

15. War can wait; I will take a nap

16. I'm dead!

17. The best place to sleep

18. I just closed my eyes a moment

19. Wait for the veterinarian means sleeping

20. I'll play later: it's time to sleep

Funniest Babies Can Fall Asleep Everywhere #2 | Funny Babies and Pets (January 2021)