20 Adorable products ideal for fans of elephants; they also support its conservation


If elephants are your favorite animals surely you know that in some countries they are a kind of divinity for the number of years they live and their fidelity and intelligence are admired.

They are very noble animals, but unfortunately they are in danger of extinction. Would you like to support a cause dedicated to rescuing elephants and raising awareness among the population about the importance of these large mammals? Below, we show you some products that donate a percentage to different foundations in favor of the adorable pachyderms.

1. These lovely shorts

Comfort with cause, let's save the elephants using these comfortable shorts, here you can buy them for only $ 22 dollars.

2. Pillows

The Elephant Pants It also has an adorable collection of pillows, so you can hug your favorite animal while sleeping.

3. A beautiful keychain

Designed by Florence Scovel who donates 10 percent of the proceeds to Save the Elephants, you can get them here.

4. Wear it on your neck

This cute geometric elephant necklace also supports the cause, get it here.

5. Bag for the beach

Ivory Ella has designed various products for elephant lovers, you can find this bag and more, here.

6. Colorful blouses

You can also buy some of the fun collection of blouses from Ivory Ella.

7. More blouses

This blouse J.Crew benefits the foundation of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which is responsible for protecting elephants and orphaned rhinos in East Africa.

8. Lucky charm

Make a wish and put on your necklace, elephants are symbols of good luck, use your amulet to remember that you helped a pair of elephants, you can get it here.

9. A cozy blanket

The perfect choice to curl up on the couch on a rainy afternoon, you can find this blanket in Peoples Choice Apparel, they donate the money to the foundation The Tsavo Trust.

10. A nice beaded bracelet

If you are one of those girls who prefer bracelets, Divinity LA has designed one and donates a dollar to the Interntional Elephant Foundation for each purchase, if you want it, get it here.

11. A simple bracelet

And if you like more simple, you can support the cause with this beautiful model that comes in different colors, choose your favorite, you find it in Elephant Highway.

12. This necklace

You can take this statement that says: 96 elephants are killed every day in Africa, so that your friends also decide to support the cause, you find it in Colors 4 and donations go to Creature Conserve.

13. Canvas bag

This bag to go shopping, to school or to work, supports World Wildlife Fund, you can get it here.

14. How about a cup

If you are a coffee or tea lover, you can support the elephants by getting one of these beautiful cups, Selkets Shop donates 20 percent of the profits to Save the Elephants of Africa.

15. A clock

To expand your watch collection, you can purchase this beautiful design from Ashley Jewels.

16. A beautiful doll

This adorable plush doll for either you or your favorite nephew can get it here, they have several colors and it is very comfortable to sleep.

17. Temporary tattoos

You can also take your favorite animal in the body, support the cause and find a package of various designs here.

18. A scarf

Elephant & co brings us these designs, they donate 100 percent of the profits to The International Elephant Foundation.

19. Carry it in your hands

This lovely ring of Happy Trunk Apparel, also supports the cause by donating a portion of the profits to the foundation Elephant Nature Park In Thailand, it is adjustable and you can find it in silver or gold.

20. Some fun slippers

How about this pair of friends on your feet? They are very comfortable and original, you can find them here.

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