20 Adorable photos of DOGS waiting for the arrival of a BABY?


The dog is not only the best friend of man, it is also the pregnant. The multiple benefits that having a pet brings to pregnant women are scientifically proven, as well as that they extend to the baby when it is born.

A pet will be a faithful companion who will teach the little ones the meaning of true love, and they will become their best friend. That's why dogs also look forward to your baby's arrival.

1. Sleep quietly, I take care of you here

2. Mom, is the day almost here?

3. I can hear your heart!

4. I am the guardian of the house

5. Really, I will never separate from you

6. I promise to love you as much as you

7. I will take care that no one will hurt you

8. Is there a lot to know?

9. I hope that in there you are as comfortable as I am

10. A little kiss

11. Everything is fine over there?

12. I can feel it!

13. Hello, is there anyone there? I'm waiting!

14. I do not know what it is, but it smells very good

15. Mom, are you sure he's fine in there?

16. The days are eternal and I'm dying to meet you

17. Ready mom! I will teach him to walk

18. I still do not know you and I'm already loving you

19. I'll have a playmate!

20. I help you walk so you do not get tired

21. Are you sure he will love me too?

22. It smells like a child

23. I do not know how you are, but I already like you

24. This being pregnant is exhausting

25. I give you the title of Master!

26. Hello little one!

27. Is not really missing much?

28. A little exercise is good for all three of us

29. Only one week left: only a week!

30. You can now arrive, mate, everything is ready

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