2-year-old girl spent day and night on her cell phone; now he has severe myopia

A two-year-old girl, originally from China, suffers severe myopia as a result of being exposed to the cell phone for long periods of time.

According to information reported by the Daily Mail, her parents gave her a mobile phone when she was just one year old so that she would remain silent, a device that the little one did not take off from day and night and that, at her young age, caused her damage that is irreversible and that could worsen over time, according to the diagnosis of the Yangzhou Child and Maternity Care Service Center.

The parents of the affected detected that something strange happened with her daughter when they saw her frown and squint to look at the cell phone screen, which is why they decided to take her with specialists to know what was happening, and the result was the most alarming. .

A person with mild myopia has a score of -0.5 diopters (D) to -3D; the youngest, has -9, a complicated situation.

Information from the World Health Organization states that children under the age of one year should not be exposed, for any reason, to screens. In the case of those who have two and four, the maximum recommended time is one hour per day.

A couple of years ago, a 21-year-old woman fanatic of mobile video games partially lost her sight after spending a full day in front of her cell phone. Wu Xiaojung was diagnosed with retinal artery occlusion (blockage of an artery that supplies blood to the retina).

The victim of this eye disease confessed that she regularly spent eight hours playing non-stop and that her parents had even warned her that she would be blind if she did not change that behavior.

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