2 year old girl sees a girlfriend and confuses her with her favorite princess; the reaction is adorable


The moments of fairy tales happen all the time in real life, but to appreciate them you need to pay more attention to the details. The proof of this is the reaction of a two-year-old girl to confusing the princess of her favorite book with a young woman dressed as a bride.

Her innocence was captured by the bride's photographer, who was on her way to her photo shoot, and they found the tender scene of the little girl excited to meet a real-life princess. The images are so moving that the Internet quickly turned them viral.

This girlfriend was confused with a princess

Shandance and Scott Robertson, of Seattle, Washington, United States, were surprised by a tender two-year-old girl who admired Shandance excitedly. The reason? She was wearing her wedding dress and all her look It was like the princess in the book that the little girl was carrying at that moment. This is what Shandance related:

The girl did not say anything, she just looked at me and smiled. But I could see from his expression that his heart was pounding with emotion.

The future bride gave a rose of her bouquet to the little girl, who could not stop smiling.

I really love children, so I asked her mother if I could charge her for a couple of minutes. The girl's face showed what we both felt: great joy.

The book of the little one was The Lady in white by Wilkie Collins

I'm pretty sure that the girl just liked the photo on the cover and it turned fan from the book. Even this book is far superior to my reading level: do not mess with this little girl's book.

Shandance teased.

The little girl still thinks that she met The Princess of Ballard

The little girl's mother was happy to see her daughter meeting her favorite princess while they were both walking in Ballard, a well-known Seattle neighborhood:

She had this expression of there is a princess! For his birthday, we print a lot of photos that we always paste on the wall of his room. Now we have pictures of her and the girlfriend, so if you are going to visit us, it is likely that my daughter will take you to that wall and tell you: look there is the Princess of Ballard.

Couple of princesses!

The new friends concluded their meeting with a loving hug.

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