19 things you HAVE to know before dating a sarcastic girl


Sarcasm is a way of saying things in a hurtful, mocking, cruel way. Whoever uses it certainly has a very particular sense of humor. It could even be considered a defense mechanism that for some can be very useful: it is a way of laughing at themselves and the situations of daily life.

Unfortunately, not all people see this way of being with good eyes. In fact, there are people who think that someone who often uses sarcasm or irony is a bad person. If you are thinking about going out with a girl and you realize that she is sarcastic, pay attention because these are the things she wants you to know if you are willing to maintain a relationship:

1. I am always playing

Do not take it so seriously, I'm playful! Like cats with a laser pointer: you are the cat and I am the laser. Or something like that. Just understand that it's a joke and return it, okay?

2. A heavy comment is a way to show affection

There is nothing more intimate or loving, for me, than calling you an idiot and kissing you later. Trust me.

3. I remember everything EVERYTHING!

That day you stumbled out of the movie theater That shameful picture where you dressed so ridiculous I like to keep the bank of jokes fresh, so nothing happens to me unnoticed.

4. You can also make fun of yourself

Honestly, I can accept a joke, even if it's about my appearance. It's fun when you also maintain a sense of humor like mine.

5. I look arrogant, but it's just a mask

I usually say exaggerated things about my appearance, something like: I'm so beautiful or Demons! I'm really great, but I usually do it when I'm at my worst. I'm not infallible and I do not spend hours looking at me.

6. If you do not know if I'm kidding, you can assume I'm doing it

It's simple: most of the time I'm in sarcasm mode.

7. I laugh at you, but it's because I like you

I would not laugh at you if I did not believe you can laugh at me too. Your misery can make me smile, but only because I want to be the one to help you get up and hug you when you fall.

8. Under my stone exterior I have a friendly side

I'm like a cookie! Inside I have feelings. For every joke I make, I have five really good things to say about you.

9. If I ignore you when there are people, it's because I really like you

Do not assume that I will give you the same kind of attention when there are people that when we are alone. Do not want me to treat you like a king with a lot of people around. The more I ignore you, the more attraction I feel towards you, really. Although the only thing you hear from my mouth is a hate you, it's basically a sign that I'm madly in love with you.

10. I hate you is the same as I love you

Always always always. Okay?

11. Learn to stand me

I push you, I play to hit you a little, and, obviously, I tell you things that you do not like very much that I say. The more you stand, the more I love you.

12. I will make a comment, and immediately wish I had not said

It's almost as if sarcasm was an involuntary reaction: I can not stop being sarcastic.

13. Sometimes I'll say honest things, but you will not notice because you'll think I'm being sarcastic

And then I'll feel a little silly for having exposed myself.

14. I also cry

I am not very familiar with the salty, aqueous substance that comes out of my eyes, but regularly visits me when I get angry. You do not have to look at me as if you did not know what happened: I also have feelings!

15. Actually, I'm also sentimental

I'm not a robot without emotions, I'm just a sarcastic girl!

16. Although it may not seem like it, I'm trying to stay calm

Probably because of this I am so sarcastic, because, although it seems silly, it is my way of keeping calm.

17. I'm bad at taking the first step

I really do not know how to give you signals so you know that I like you and that I care about you. I hope that you see through my sarcasm that, in truth, I am dying because you listen to me.

18. Being honest is not easy

So when I get serious, pay attention.

19. Actually you're dating a sensitive, loving and loving girl

The sarcastic girls are really the sweetest. Just shut up, okay?