19 Things you have surely done if you have ever ENAMORED

When we are in love, we are others. Admit it: you're corny, mellow, silly and even annoying. Therefore, in PinkMyRide we show you some phrases we say or certain behaviors that we have when we are in a relationship. You will feel identified.

1. Hang up

Hang up first, well, both at the count of three: 1, 2, 3. Oh, you did not hang up! You will see!

2. Esh I love you mushooo

Speaking and writing correctly no longer exists. Suddenly you have become so dumb that you forget the phonetic and spelling rules.

3. You are point and apart for your friends

You already have a whip and you have already left us, these are phrases that you will hear from your friends; Your social life is over. They will not talk to you for future holidays.

4. If it is for me, it will return; If not, it never was

You are the new drama queen From the group of friends, at the first thunder you want to cut your veins and the next day they return.

5. Why do not you answer me?

The longer it takes to answer your paranoia will become unbearable. He does not want to talk to me anymore. It'll be cut. Do not miss travel! Avoid being a sickly jealous.

6. Now I will be faithful. I promise!

When it is your first serious relationship it is common for you to make that promise. The best is when you least think about it and you are surprised that without promising it you are already doing it, because he brings out the best in you.

7. They have their local jokes

They are with friends and suddenly die of laughter for no reason. Surely they remembered a common anecdote.

8. All the love songs are left for you

When listening to romantic music you feel that all the lyrics were written for you.

9. When you see an adult couple

You say: Look like that we will be; with you until death

10. Imagine how your children will be

For this you must be very much in love. Our children will be handsome, tall, everything.

11. You bring your boy in the wallpaper

12. You put a ringtone special

Every time you dial your favorite song sounds and is the only one you put a special ring.

13. You do not care if I see you naked

With him you no longer feel sorry if he sees you naked, there is so much confidence and you are so in love that you do not worry in the least.

14. The silence between you no longer bothers you

They can spend hours without speaking, the mere fact of being together complements them; even doing different things.

15. Share interests

If you did not like to dance, suddenly you realize you already do it.

16. When you wake up, the first thing you see is your cell phone

You wait every morning for that message that will leave you smiling all day.

17. You constantly remember how they met

No matter how long they've been together, every time you remember when they first met, you can not avoid the sigh of love.

18. You gain weight

It does not just happen to you, your boy too. Do you know the phrase love grows fat? Yes, and that is why they decide to exercise together.

19. It becomes your best friend

There comes a point where you know each other so well, that you become your best friend and that gives you a guideline to know if it is him with whom you will really stay.

With which one do you identify?

"Griffith Did Nothing Wrong." (January 2021)