19 things that only women who hate to FIX themselves will understand

Generally women enjoy a broad sense in terms of fashion, and that is how to refuse to worship a pair of shoes or a bag that matches them. Fashion is simply something we live with every day.

Although there are other women who do not care about having style and know everything possible about fashion. We are talking about these women do not worry about makeup or look so groomed, but they are still beautiful and show their personality to the natural and simple.

Here are 19 things that only women with little fashion sense will understand. Are you one of them?

1. Your hairstyles are simple: loose, chongo and horsetail

2. In your wardrobe there are shoes that combine with 95% of the clothes you wear

3. Your best outfit: shirts and jeans

4. What will you use today? Easy, the jeans and the shirt you find first and the shoes that always match. Ready!

5. Definitely love beach dresses

They are great because it seems that you struggled to fix yourself. We refer to all kinds of simple dresses with which you look good in summer.

6. Your stylist should know that you only need an easy cut

Your idea of ​​arranging your hair is that it requires little care, although if you are in a good mood you will place a brooch or a band on your hair.

7. Makeup can be scary for you

You know the basics and maybe you apply a little makeup base before going out with lip gloss, but you definitely discarded the idea of ​​eye delineation after watching a video on Youtube where you witnessed witchcraft.

8. The idea of ​​wearing heels to go to an event does not excite you too much

9. For a moment you think that heels are not so bad

You cheer up a bit, you manage to go and discover that the heels are not so bad: they make your legs look longer! Maybe you should consider using them more often.

10. Wait, now you remember why you hate them!

Halfway through the event you remember that you hate them for a simple reason, they are torture! You wish to cut your legs. Surely it would hurt less than endure three more hours with them.

11. At that time you envied the men with their Converse

That they can wear a suit and their Converse on certain occasions. That's your dream, honestly.

12. Your favorite item: modern jackets!

When your friends invite you to leave, definitely your favorite garment to wear is a jacket over your beloved shirt and your jeans, plus your shoes that always combine.

13. Your friends love the moments when you let them dress you

It's like Christmas morning for them, but instead of having presents, they can wear dresses, heels and eyeliner.

14. Your friends turn you for a moment into Cinderella

Wow, they make you look so different! Who would have thought that you kept that spectacular waist under those loose shirts? You should use that more often!

15. Your pretty clothes are in the back of the closet

You only take it out when it's a special occasion. A wedding or a funeral, basically.

16. You cried when you got your first job

It required you to dress professionally and, honestly, what could you wear if there were only shirts and jeans in your closet?

17. Then, you found the formula to renew the concept of looking professional

You discovered that you could mix and match a lot of garments to look professional and now you are an expert in the technique.

18. You wear glasses because they are more comfortable than contact lenses

19. Going to the gym is really an excuse to wear sports clothes

The reason why you do it is that at the end of the day you just want to wear your comfortable sportswear, which was waiting all day in your suitcase.

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