19 REAL differences between the boy you go out with for now and the boy you go out with for ALWAYS

When you know the right person you know, right? At least that's what I've always said, that somehow we meet a guy who just clicks with us and then can we be completely sure that we've found our soul mate?

If this were the case, we would not be able to avoid the anguish of accepting relationships that in advance we know are not appropriate. In reality, despite that initial feeling of this is the right one, our feelings must reach a point where we have no doubts. What happens, for example, if you end up with a boy for whatever reasons and then you regret it?

There is always uncertainty, but these 20 differences between a relationship that we live for now and another one that is forever they can help you

1. A for now get drunk with you; a forever He takes you home when he sees you in poor condition

The person who will be with you forever is not only able to see you in your worst state but stays with you until you see yourself better and helps you heal the hangover.

2. A for now play; a forever do not

A man who will be with you forever takes the relationship seriously after the first hello. A for now It makes you feel confused and you do not know if it is playing with you.

3. A for now It never makes you feel truly comfortable; a forever It makes you feel 100 percent comfortable

A man who is ideal for you does not make you feel bad about what you eat, your way of speaking or your excesses. He loves you as you are.

The boy who is with you for now it does not reach that level with you, nor does it try.

4. A for now he does not even know your opinions; a forever support your dreams

A boy who will be with you forever respects you for your differences and values. A boy who is with you at the moment discusses their differences without asking about your feelings or opinions.

5. A for now it takes you outside; a forever stay with you

The man who will be with you forever is perfectly at home, enjoying your company. A boy who is only semi-permanent would not know what to do with such a limited ritual.

6. A for now he just wants to have sex with you; a forever wants to make babies with you (some day)

The boy who will be with you forever is the one who sees you as the future mother of his children. The boy who is with you temporarily only thinks about getting a night with you

7. A for now sends you a good night message; a forever he calls you to say good morning

A man who wants to be in your life forever is the one who calls you because he wants to hear your voice. A boy who is with you for now, barely and bothers to send a text message. You prefer to be with the man who thinks of you from the moment he wakes up, right?

8. A for now fight for details; a forever he cares about the details

The man who will be with you forever is the one who wants to know the most intimate details of your life and explore them with you. The boy of the moment is too busy wrapped up in his own problems to worry

9. A for now he is the one in the bank; a forever you have sure a place in the game

When you find the right one, you no longer have any doubt. You have to trust yourself to be able to love. The other guy is just someone who is comfortable with the place he has in your life, until the real one comes to take his place.

10.Un for now makes one night plans; a forever he plans the rest of his life

Your future husband is busy planning the years ahead. Your temporary boyfriend can not see or commit beyond Saturday night.

11. A for now It is replaceable; a forever It is safe

When you find the man you could spend your life with, you know deep down in your soul that it is the right one. With all the boyfriends you've had before, you've felt a little uncomfortable.

12. A for now you like; yet forever You love him

Your only true love is a man who has your soul and your heart. Whatever you have with your other type of boyfriend is just to brag, to fill a void and generally lacks deep feelings. You do not realize while you're with him, but when you meet your forever you will really understand it.

13. A for now he does not know himself; a forever learn about yourself with you

The man you should marry knows himself, but he has much more to learn now that he has found you. Your temporary boyfriend hardly knows who he is and can not grow up with you.

14. A for now He is a man of weekends; a forever It is for full weeks

Your future husband is not the kind of person who cares about a party or immediate things, because he is busy building a future with you. The other guys you went out with were too clumsy to go further.

15. A for now has a return label; a forever it is a fact

The type you will be with forever it's true. A boy who is only temporary will be returnable: it is less pressure, but it is boring.

16. A for now reaches the level of getting drinks; a forever, to know each other

You do not have to have drunk to be fascinated by spending time with the man of your dreams. With all the last kids you need to shots in couple to be able to deal with them.

17. A for now try to give the width; a forever you do not need to do it because it's just right for you

The boy who will be in your life always does not need to make any changes. With those guys you've been with in the past, you used to look for reasons to see them perfect, but even so they never were at all.

18. A for now it takes you by the hand; a forever it takes you from the heart

This type is the right one: it is the person who gives you his heart. A boy who is at the moment, just confides his hand.

19. A for now it means that you are looking for something better; a forever it means that you have already found it

Before you found the right man you were always looking for the next one to be better. Now that you are here, you have to finish the search and love with your eyes and heart open.

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