19 Problems that only girls who are too thin will understand


Although in recent years the trend that excels in beauty standards is extreme thinness, being a very thin girl is not as easy as it seems.

These are some of the situations that every skinny has gone through:

1. You can not donate blood because you do not exceed the minimum weight allowed

2. People ask you why you exercise

3. It is easier to find clothes in the girls' department

4. All the time they ask you if you eat enough

5. The bracelets almost reach your elbows

6. It is difficult for jeans to adjust your waist

7. Really NO ONE BELIEVES that you eat it

8. At the end of the season, all the clothes of the sales you have left

9. There is always someone who wants to carry you

10. Your life is not conceivable without belts

11. The scale shows the same weight for years

12. Finding sexy underwear of your size is a challenge

13. All the time they recommend vitamins

14. Push up bras are pretty useless if there is not much to lift

15. Wearing boots is a whole subject

17. Your feet may look bigger than they are

18. Any watch you use will look too big or you will have to adjust it

19. People are afraid to hug you because they feel they can hurt you

19. And they joke that you're careful if the wind blows hard because it takes you

11 Struggles Skinny Girls Know Too Well (January 2021)