19 Fun facts that you probably did not know about the funny comedy "Damas en guerra"


The American producer Judd Apatow, is the culprit of a great amount of comedies that have reached the heart of every girl lover of the chick flicks: Virgin at 40, Slightly pregnant, and television series like Girls Y Sees it, are some of his most memorable works.

But the work that forever changed the pink world of relationships between friends and all that female drama that most of us have experienced, is the movie Ladies in war. A jewel of physical comedy and black humor written and starring the comedian of Saturday night Live, Kristen Wiig, along with the amusing Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy; here 19 curious facts that you did not know about this tape.

1. The producer asked that the protagonists live together 2 weeks before recording

Two weeks before filming began, the film's producer, Judd Apatow, let the entire cast improvise among them in order to find connection with their characters. Several jokes that came out during that first couple of weeks were included in the movie.

2. Melissa McCarthy and the Lieutenant General are married in real life

The name of Lieutenant General is Ben Falcone and the chemistry between him and McCarthy is undeniable as the comedians are a couple since 2005 and thanks to this, the scene of the conquest on the plane turned out to be epic.

3. McCarthy was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress

The character of Megan managed to get the 46-year-old actress to receive her first Oscar nomination in 2011.

4. Rebel Wilson and Matt Lucas became housemates after the filming

The neighbors used to complain because both comedians were singing karaoke with the volume too high.

5. Kristen Wiig asked Chris ODowd to keep his Irish accent

Originally, the actor memorized the script perfecting an American accent, however, Kristen Wiig fell in love with the sound of Nathan's character, so he asked ODowd to keep his accent.

6. Melissa assures that the bathroom scene is the most unpleasant thing that she has filmed

Especially since the fake vomit was made of oats and artificial coloring.

7. It is also the funniest scene in which he has participated

We do not doubt it! Undoubtedly one of the funniest movie scenes Chick Flicks.

8. In fact, it was an improvised sequence

This scene of the Brazilian food poisoning would never have happened if the producer, Judd Apatow, had not asked for a bit more physical comedy. Kristen Wiig wrote the entire sequence a moment before recording and here is one of the most memorable episodes of romantic comedies.

9. The scene of the speeches between Helen and Annie was also improvised

And it took hours to record it because Kristen Wiig did not stop laughing.

10. Even the speech was based on a real anecdote

The whole act was inspired by the same war between ladies, which he shared as an anecdote of the co-writer, Annie Mumolo.

11. George Glass is a reference to The Brady Family

George Glass is the (fake) boyfriend with whom Annie pretends to make Ted jealous when he refuses to go with her to Lilian's wedding and is a reference to a fictitious suitor of Jan Brady in The Brady family.

12. There is a deleted scene where Paul Rudd leaves on a date with Annie

The eternally young and handsome comedian Paul Rudd, went on a date with Annie during Ladies in war, however, the scene was deleted, although you can see it in the extended version of the DVD movie.

13. John Hamm asked not to be named in the credits

This way nobody would assume that the film would be something serious since the actor is rarely related to comedy works.

14. There's a reason why Annie does not take off her bra with Ted

Annie appears with a bra while having sex with Tedd, however, the night she goes to bed with Nathan, she takes it off. Kristen Wiig wanted, with this, to symbolize the way in which her character could not open emotionally or literally, with Ted, while with Nathan there was confidence and it was almost an open book. Cute, right?

15. Kristen made sure to create chemistry with Chris off the set

Kristen Wiig is a perfectionist, so outside the filming, the actress kept private jokes with Chris ODowd, so when they entered the set, they both felt a connection and there was enough chemistry to record the scenes.

16. There was going to be a bachelorette party in Las Vegas

But the producer discarded the idea, because he did not want the film to be related to the comedy Happened yesterday?, which also addresses the issue of a bachelor party in the city of Las Vegas, only with a squad of men just as fun.

17Instead, the scene of Annie drunk on the plane was written

And here is one of the funniest and most memorable scenes of Ladies in war. The performance of Kristen Wiig was so much fun that it was just what the director needed to forget the idea of ​​the ladies in Las Vegas.

18. During the filming, Maya Rudolph was pregnant

The actress was pregnant with her third child. The costume designers and photography team did everything to avoid attracting attention in their belly. The actress arrived at the premiere of the film looking radiant eight months pregnant.

19. The house of the bachelorette party is the same as Scary Movie 2

Do you remember the creepy (and absurdly fun) mansion Scary Movie 2? In Ladies in war, this place became even more terrifying when Annie collapses in a nervous breakdown and destroys her best friend's bachelorette party, adding physical comedy and a lot of humor in the style of Kristen Wiig.

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