19 Damn things that only women who love CURSING will understand


Some women simply say what we want. It does not matter if a few curses come out of our mouths, cursing is part of our personality and that is what makes us special and unique.

Maybe the rest of the people do not agree, but what does it matter, we are more honest and incredibly enjoy every word we say.

1. Cursing is not an option, it comes to you naturally

2. However, people just seem to have that false impression that you are aggressive or very rude

3. Because apparently, cursing is not very characteristic of a lady

4. Only because you say: Mierdamierdamierdaierda! every 5 minutes does not mean you're not a classy woman

5. You're fucking refined, actually

6. Cursing is how you like to express yourself, for the love of God!

7. People often look at you as if they were frightening (Tremendous language!)

8. And sometimes, really, you try to lower the tone because there are children and all that mother

9. But your alternatives are not really alternatives at all

10. It's fine. Maybe you'll be the aunt more cool that your nephews could have

(I look forward to the day you can teach me to curse.) Happy Aunt's Day)

11. You can bring anything to life with the colorful use of your language

12. If people think you're going through your curses, they have not seen you with a few extra drinks!

13. When you are nervous or anxious, your vocabulary becomes quite limited

14. So dating can be a little uncomfortable

15. Again, if you can not handle the situation, fuck it!

16. People have tried to make you comply with the jar of curses, but you think it's a complete ch

(I've only participated for 10 minutes, and I'm almost bankrupt.) Seriously.)

17. Even the phone tries to censor you

18. But it should not be like that: you are proud of yourself!

19. Because a woman with a broad language can curse as much as she wants

And in the end, she wants it.

Polo G - Finer Things (Official Video) ????By Ryan Lynch (January 2021)