19 Actresses who could play Disney princesses because of their great resemblance


Who among us has not wondered what the Disney princesses would look like if they were flesh and blood? The movies live action of our favorite classics are coming out like hot cakes and give us an idea of ​​how they would look in real life.

But surely while watching a movie in the comfort of your home it has occurred to you that the main actress could give life to your favorite princess. Thanks to their similarity, these 19 celebrities could perfectly interpret the princesses.

1. Dakota Fanning Elsa

2. Amber Heard Ariel

3. Anne Hathaway Bella

4. Elle Fanning Cinderella

5. Lana Condor Mulan

6. Emma Roberts Aurora

7. Shay Mitchell Pocahontas

8. Lucy Hale Snow White

9. Amanda Seyfried Rapunzel

10. Lily Cole Mérida

11. Zoë Kravitz Tiana

12. Zendaya Moana

13. Eiza González Jazmín

14. Kiernan Shipka Alicia

15. Elizabeth Olsen Anna

16. Kaya Scodelario Jane

17. Brunette Baccarin Megara

18. Jessica Szohr Esmeralda

19. Dove Cameron Campanita

20 Celebrities Who Could Replace Disney Characters (April 2021)