18 Things you did not know about Maluma and that prove he is the perfect man!


One of the artists of the moment, without a doubt, is Maluma. This beautiful reggaeton of only 22 years has managed to win the hearts of thousands of women after launching his single Borro Cassette. He has also collaborated on several occasions with several artists; one of the most recent was with Mexican singer Thalía and her success Since that night He has put all of Latin America to dance.

His talent, great charisma and of course his indisputable appeal, has made Maluma on everyone's lips. If you want to know more about this Colombian sexi, keep reading, because here we give you 15 facts that you did not know about him.

1. Why Maluma?

His real name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias, but he decided that Maluma would be his stage name, but where did this name come from? Well, he is a boy who loves his family so he decided to honor them by forming his artistic name with the main letters of the names of his mother, his father and his sister: Marlli, Luis and Manuela.

2. A dream that started from small

When Maluma was just a little boy of four, he played to be a singer. He took the bottles of his mother's beauty products and imagined they were microphones, while he sang the songs of Hector Lavoe, one of his favorite singers.

3. A great lover of animals

Maluma is a faithful lover of animals, one more point in his favor. Although in general he loves any species, dogs are his favorites.

4. His school life

When I was a student, Maluma composed rap songs and took dance classes. He was a very bad boy for mathematics and chemistry, like most of us, but he was great in Spanish and history.

5. Since childhood he has worked hard

Maluma knew the hard work and effort since he was little. When he was at school he sold sandwiches during recess so he could help his parents with the house expenses.

6. An unrepeatable opportunity

After a singing contest at school, where I play a song by Andrés Cepeda, his great opportunity came. One of his uncles gave him the opportunity to record a subject in a professional studio.

7. Hopeless romantic

When he was little he was so romantic that he dedicated himself to selling love letters to his friends so they could conquer the girls they liked. He also wrote letters of forgiveness and reconciliation and sold them to his acquaintances when they had problems with their partners.

8. His two great passions

Maluma was passionate about football, unfortunately after recording his first songs had to choose between football or music. For years he had practiced this sport, but decided to leave it and just remember it as a beautiful experience and so dedicate himself to what he most wanted: music.

9. Perfectionist and lazy by nature

Do not take it the wrong way, it's not that he does not like to work, but he loves to rest. One of the things that frustrates him most is sleeping a little and not having a little moment to take a break. For him it is exhausting that things do not go as planned because he is a born perfectionist.

10. Food your weakness

He considers himself a food lover loves sushi and oriental food; but he loves the food that his mom prepares for him. He loves rice with egg and ripe banana. But what he likes and longs for are his grandmother's beans.

11. He likes to be authentic

Maluma is a boy who loves his authenticity. He shows himself what he is and says that he would never undergo any cosmetic surgery. He would not even operate his eagle's nose that caused so many ridicules and offenses when he was a child.

12. Kilate, your famous faithful friend

As we already mentioned, Maluma loves dogs and of course he has one. His name is Kilate and he is already a famous dog that has nothing more and nothing less than 16 thousand followers on Twitter.

13. Does not tolerate disrespect

One of the things that bother you the most is the lack of respect in any field. It does not tolerate a bit that people are in conflict. Although he loves his fans, he gets very upset when some of them want to go too far and are very daring. He does not like that they try to touch him or that they do not respect his space. Maluma wants his fans to understand that he is a human being like any other, and deserves respect like everyone else.

14. He will be a great father

Although he is still young and has no plans to have children, Maluma loves babies. He likes to share photos with them and at every opportunity he shows his love to his nephews.

15. The woman of your dreams

This handsome Colombian is still single, but he does not lose the hope of one day finding the woman of his dreams, and hopes that it is safe, with a clear vision of life, enterprising, passionate and not jealous or possessive.

16Never forget its origin

Despite having a busy schedule, he never forgets to visit his home and his family in Medellín, Colombia when he has time. Ama take advantage of your free time in the company of your loved ones.

17. Enjoy the exercise

Maluma enjoys a lot of exercise and although most of the time is busy, he always seeks to exercise at least one hour a day, no matter where he is. Exercise is essential for this singer.

18. Your true love

True love for Maluma does exist, it's called music. Every time he comes on stage in front of thousands of people, he feels the same thing that we feel when we fall in love: he gets emotional, the fear disappears and he can only feel butterflies in his stomach.

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