18 Things that WOMEN should never have to justify


As if our lives depended on it, we spent most of our time thinking about what they would say: What will they say if they see that I gained weight? What will they say if I do not want to have children? What will they say if I want to get married young? And so the best years go by trying to justify each and every one of our decisions.

But you know something? Only you have control over your life, and only you depend on what you do or not do with it, that's why here we tell you 18 things that no woman should justify:

1. Put yourself first

When journalist Barbara Walters asked Michelle Obama if it was selfish for her to make herself her priority, she replied: No, no, it is practical most of the time we are very low on our own list of priorities because we spend the time taking care of ourselves. the rest. One of the things I want my daughters to learn is to invest time in themselves, as much as they invest time for other things.

2. What you eat and how much you eat

You can eat a big lunch without the need to say: I have not eaten all day, or eat a big and delicious dish full of nachos without saying: I deserve this because all week I behaved well, tomorrow I start the diet of new . And above all you do not have to give explanations when they say: Are you going to eat all that? Yes! Y?

3. Have a healthy diet to take care of your health and not to lose weight

For some strange reason, people are not able to believe when a woman has a healthy diet just for the sake of worrying about her health and not because of the size of her body.

4. Not wanting to have babies

You are not more or less a woman if having a child is not for you. You do not have to give explanations to support the reason for your decision, or justify: I do not know, maybe someday, when you really know that you definitely do not want to have children, but you do not want to be classified as an insensitive and heartless monster.

5. Wanting to have children

You should not have to put up with the comments you make when you manifest your decision to want children from a young age, such as: You will be ruined by youth, you are not ready yet. A baby does not have to ruin anything, and you can do a thousand things by having one. If you want to travel, you will travel. If you want to study a career, you can study. As long as you are aware of the consequences, you do not have to give any justification.

6. Whether or not you have sex

You do not have to have a reason to sleep with someone, as well as to decide not to do it. And of course you should not feel obligated to give excuses why you stay single.

7. Enjoy the so-called guilty pleasures because they are girls things

Your tastes do not have to be pleasures that cause you remorse, they are simply pleasures. You can enjoy painting your brightly colored nails, decorating them or using false ones; wear miniskirts or very long skirts; paint your hair and enjoy makeup. Even, to see If I had 30 a thousand times without having to fall into a stereotype.

8. If you decide not to fix yourself today

When a girl leaves the house without getting ready and meets someone she knows, most of the time she feels the need to apologize for the way she is dressed. Understand that you do not have to apologize to anyone because of the way you go, or because you fix yourself but you are extravagant and different. On the contrary, the only person that you should apologize for believing that is yourself.

9. Experiment with your sexuality

You do not have to justify yourself with phrases like I was lost and confused or I was a crazy university girl. If you decided to be with a girl at a party because you thought it was fun, well; or if it was something more than that, then simply call it by its name and do not care what others say.

10. Your weight

The size and weight of your body do not determine whether or not you are a real woman. Excessively thin Too fat You and your health are the only authorized voices.

11. The amount of makeup you use

If you want to look natural, without any makeup, do it. If you want to look like you're on a TV show, you can also do it. It's your face, it's your rules.

12. The clothes you choose

You do not have to say that you like to use leggings because they are very comfortable or you bought that short dress because you want to have a crazy night. The clothes you choose to wear is not to please anyone, and you should never allow a person to press you to feel that.

13. Being upset about something

You do not have to apologize for feeling something or expressing something if you do not really feel that you should do it. If someone judges you for being human and having emotions like any other, then who should apologize is he or she. You are allowed to bother or feel and express any other emotion.

14. Give another chance to a relationship that was supposed to be completed

You do not have to apologize if you choose that relationship because it makes you happy and it's something that you want and need to work on. Just be very clear that there is a huge difference between being trampled and being in a relationship where things are on an equal footing: a role that requires commitment and effort.

15. If you want to get married young

16. If you do not want to get married young

17. Be attractive despite some detail

You do not have to justify your imperfections between those things that you like about you. You are not attractive because you have beautiful hair, or because you have a great body. You can be attractive without having to enter the mold of social stereotypes. The standards of beauty were imposed to make us feel bad and force us to buy all those magical products that make up, in theory, what we do not accept from us.

18. To exceed the socially established deadlines for certain things

Who the hell cares if you're 35 and still single and living in your parents' house? Life does not start when someone comes into your life. You do not have to give excuses for not having married, or for not having children, or because you finished the race but you have not finished your thesis or you did not look for work immediately.

Not all lives are meant to be written in the same way. When you accept the story that another person tells for your life, it is because you are not listening to yourself clearly.

15 Things You Should Never Apologize For (May 2021)