18 Things that men should know before dating an independent girl


An independent woman does not need someone to realize their own goals and projects, and that makes, sometimes, the relationship with her is complicated.

These twenty reasons will help you to better understand a self-sufficient girl.

1. I like to fix things by myself

Even if your intentions are good, I will continue to do the things that I am convinced of, in my own way.

2. Do not believe that because I am independent I do not need you in my life

Of course I need you, I'm safe and focused, and I appreciate someone who appreciates my qualities.

3. It frustrates me to be with extremely dependent people

I know I can seem cold or insensitive, but I have a desire to see people help themselves.

4. I prefer to do my earrings, and even exercises alone

Although if you want to join, I'll be happy to have you by my side.

5. If we sleep together, I will not hug you all night or make you breakfast

I am used to my own schedules and to take care of myself, so I will not be cloying and instead, I will appreciate if one morning I can have breakfast with you outside.

6. I pay my own bills and I will feel weird if you constantly insist on paying for everything

Paying my own expenses allows me to feel that I do not owe anything to anyone. That's why I do not expect them to pay for me or to buy me gifts until I know it's something serious and sincere.

7. I need time alone

A little each day and a little more than the others. This does not mean that I have lost interest in you.

8. I attend events on my own, without problem

I do not need a partner to feel comfortable doing these things. I have friends with whom I meet and I can enjoy without a man accompanying me.

9. I can solve my own problems

I'm not waiting for you to get them fixed. I can find solutions for myself.

10. I do not care if you do not call me or send me a message every minute

Actually, I do not like it, and I will not contact you if I'm busy. I also do not like feeling overwhelmed by excessive attention.

11. If we go to a party it is not necessary that you take care of me all the time

I enjoy meeting people as well as talking with my acquaintances. But do not completely forget about me, because you will still be my favorite person in the place.

12. I will not ask you for money

If I ever did, I would feel strange and uncomfortable until I paid you.

13. I work because I have a career

I'm not expecting you to support me, I have ambitions and I'm proud of my work. So do not expect me to leave it for you.

14. I would like to get married, if I find the right person

I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. If I choose to be in a relationship, it's because I like it, not because I can not live without you.

15. I wish more than a romantic partner

I would like to share my life with someone who can be a personal trainer, masseuse and cleaning person, if you have one of these qualities I will love you a little more.

16. I can be stubborn and firm about the handling of certain things

Sorry if I react in this way, but I do not like that you give me advice if I do not ask you, even if you already lived something similar and your intentions are good.

17. I'll be fine if you want to go out with your friends

Sometimes I also want to catch up with my own friends or take advantage of the night doing something I especially enjoy.

18. I like very much to receive hugs and to express to me that you love me

If you flatter me and you are affectionate to me, I will not shrug. Independence will never be a limitation to enjoy feeling loved.

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