18 Reasons why your SISTER will always be your BEST friend


Who else can get to understand you as she does? Your sister has been there from the beginning, always with you. She, the friend who loves you unconditionally and never threatens to get away from you. She, the one that is the best gift that your parents have given you.

For this and many other things, we give you 18 reasons why your little sister will always be your best friend:

1. It is the person who will spend most years by your side

It will be who reminds you of your parents when you already have them.

2. You will always have the highest level of protection against any harpy.

3. Keep secrets forever

Like the first time you drank alcohol and had to clean up your whole mess.

4. Including the boyfriends you never had or never confessed to having

Nobody, but nobody, will know that during the second year of high school you had a relationship with that handsome cousin. Except her, who will always remember you when I have the chance to make fun of you.

5. Or your irrational fears to clowns

Yes, she was the cause of your absurd fear of clowns. The movie of That destroyed your fun at children's parties.

6. Know your true allergies

No, the carbohydrates are not allergic, and she knows it.

7. The ugly thing you see when you cry

It does not matter that you have practiced your crying in front of the mirror for months, your sister knows that you look horrible when you really cry.

8. What you think of other family members

In theory we should not speak ill of anyone in the family, but you and your sister feel the same for that spoiled and harmful niece who, obviously, does not care that she is only 7 years old.

9. It is who covers your back to your parents

Remember that time you were going to study at a friend's house. Pff! If your parents realized that you went to party, they hang you!

10. Really know what you have in your closet And how much is it

This is law. If your sister is of the same size, ALWAYS, the clothes will be loaned or stolen. How to forget those epic lawsuits for the blouse or the shoes that broke the heel.

11. How rare are you

Both are rare, accept it. There is no hiding their oddity especially when they are together. It makes people look at them wherever they go.

12. How do you want your wedding to be?

They have fantasized so many hours together, that they still have that album full of clippings from bridal magazines ready for when they make the wedding of their dreams.

13. It will be your maid of honor and obviously you will be hers

No one but her to choose appetizers, dresses and colors for the big day.

14. Know how to manipulate yourself to get what you want

You think you have everything under control, and PUM! Suddenly you are driving at four in the morning with her and her friends to the first place of food you find.

15. and your natural hair color

Thank God, because you do not even remember what it is!

16. The name of your first doll

She knows you still have that doll, and she remembers her name perfectly (like you your sister's).

17. When you feel anxious or insecure

No false smile attempt works on her. He realizes that you are not yourself. You know that's why you're there, looking for comfort.

18. How much do you love her?

Only your sister knows how much you really love her, because she feels the same way you do.

If you are fortunate enough to have a sister, you know that only she understands who you are, where you came from and how you came to be you. And that is a special connection that only sisters can have. The best friends come and go, but a sister will always be with you.

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