18 Logical reasons to fall in love with a man with a beard

A relatively new trend is that the beard has been re-used (a kind of return to the origin, since women are once again attracted to men with facial and body hair).

While our mothers liked a well-groomed man, with a well-defined cut (which was associated with financial security, success, etc.), the girls of the new millennium are surprised by turning around to see tougher men, with a style that before send to characters nothing well accepted.

Today we can say that there are reasons why a girl would want to date a bearded man.

1. Men with beards are manly

A man with a lot of beard (we already know that tastes are broken genres) is simply sexy.

Girls love a man who can be manly and strong, because they feel protected by his side.

2. Kissing can be fun

Kissing a man with a beard tickles, so in the meantime you get used to it, you'll laugh a little at a time.

3. They look good wearing suit

That your man has a beard contrasts when wearing a suit. Mixing the neatness of one and the lumbering style of the other produces an attractive combination.

4. You can caress your beard

Without making allusions, a man with a beard looks a lot like a dog. In a literal sense, it is nice that you caress, because of the effect it causes on your nerve endings.

5. His beard will keep him warm

A beard is like a little sweater for the face (in theory, you should not worry about it catching a cold).

6. It allows you to relive your rebellious time (or have it now)

A man with a beard is always related to the bad boy, in the style of the biker full of tattoos (which probably makes it a nightmare for your parents).

7. Men with beards are healthier

Men with beards have a healthier lifestyle, because beards protect them from ultraviolet rays, which slows down aging and reduces the likelihood of developing cancer in men. the skin.

8. What lumbersexual it's fashionable

Lumbersexual is a word that defines men who have a style of lumberjack: beard, plaid shirt and look very sexy.

9. The beard makes men look mature

There is a certain air of maturity that surrounds men with beards. Many women are attracted to older men and the beard is the perfect complement to that image.

10. It is a symbol of wisdom

Historically, the growth of facial hair is attributed to puberty and the beginning of adulthood. The fact that men have a beard makes them appear to be more mature and at least in theory wiser.

11. The beard returns to the most mysterious men

Not only do they become self-confident, they also maintain a mysterious image, like the man who hides secrets or passions.

12. Other men respect them

A beard demands respect from other men because it shows their virility and strength. When a man has a beard, he generates a state of alpha male and creates presence before others.

13. He is a patient man

If you have taken the time to grow your beard, it is a sign that you have no problem waiting for things to develop. It is not a hasty man; Maybe it's someone who sets out to meet his goals.

14. It is committed

Having a beard is a sign of commitment. Their maintenance is similar to what women have with their hair: they need to trim it and take care of it. Although it may not seem like it, a man with a beard is willing to take care of his physical appearance.

15. It reminds you of Jesus

A beard makes any man look like another child of God and more like him.

16. It is eternal

It will always be classic. It will be like going out with a man of any time.

17. He is not a common man

It is anything but an ordinary person. This shows that he is not afraid to be different and to try something unusual. A man with a beard is spontaneous and, perhaps, adventurous.

18. It's more: you can decorate it!

There are so many things you can do with a man's beard! Among them, undoubtedly, have fun.