18 ideas to combine your gray garments with style


Gray is a versatile and timeless color that works for everyone. Something that you must take very much into account if you want to achieve the best style, is that you can combine it with other colors to obtain contrasts that achieve a balance, such as pink, black, white, gold and red.

An excellent idea is to implement these combinations with minimalist styles. Lean on accessories like handbags clutch or dark glasses to see you with even more attitude.

1. Gray cardigan and camel coat

2. White textures and gray coat

3. Printed blouse and blazer White

4. Gray cardigan and gold skirt

5. Gray cardigan and ocher tulle skirt

6. Sheer skirt and blazer yellow

7. Skinny gray and sandals

8. Gray skirt and black stockings

9. Maxi gray sweater and leggins blacks

10. Maxi gray sweater and denim shorts

11. Skinny gray and pink coat

12. Skinny gray and flats nude

13. Jeans black and gray sweatshirt

14. Gray sweatshirt and black vest

15. Gray sweater and jeans dark

16. All in gray with white tennis

17. Knitted dress and tennis

18. Blazer and gray sweater with shoes Animal Print

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