18 Handsome men and their cute little dogs that will win your heart


If there are two things that we love women are men and dogs, so when both worlds combine everything is pure happiness.

These 18 handsome men and their cute puppies are all you need to brighten up your day. We guarantee that when you finish watching the gallery you will want to adopt the puppy with everything and owner, of course.

1. That look would melt anybody

2. Muscular, long hair and with puppy: the best combo

3. Looks that hypnotize!

4. The perfect breakfast next to these two

5. Do you see those muscles? They are from so much hugging puppies

6. Let him come and tell you: look, my love, I brought you a puppy

7. Imagine spending an afternoon with them

8. Not even the roughest can resist

9. Tender puppies soften the heart of anyone

10. And they know that we love seeing them with their pets

11. Doctor, I think my puppy got sick for the eighth time in the day

12. Dogs and uniforms, uff!

13. Someone who will charge you like the princess you are

14. In my house there is space for the three

15. Dogs and a handsome man with tattoos, what more do you want?

16. Dogs are man's best friends

17. And, definitely, I want a man like that

18. Long live the dogs and their handsome owners!

Pip | A Short Animated Film (September 2020)