18 Children's comments that will make you laugh


Children are strange little beings: they can seem tender, harmless and naive, but the truth is that they are naughty, somewhat boisterous and make the most random that we have never heard.

These 18 sentences show that the little ones do not know censorship and their innocence will make you laugh out loud.

1. These are true friends

I went with my six-year-old nephew to a museum, and the guide asked me what city we were from. My nephew with an angry face says: Do not go flirting, she has a boyfriend and is my friend.

2. I had more important things to do

When my son turned five he asked his kindergarten friend if he wanted to be his girlfriend. She replied that it was not said and she became flushed. Then he said: Well I'm going to poop and he left.

3. Clear priorities

My three-year-old daughter told me: Mom, I do not want you to die, dad does not know how to put the DVD.

4. A very generous little

My husband went to driving classes and my daughter, then four years old, commented: Someday I am going to give my dad a car. We asked him when that would be, we thought he would answer that when he was big, instead, he answered: When Daddy knows how to drive.

5. Why do adults not know how to make children?

My four-year-old son asked me if I knew how the children were doing. I took a little longer to respond, so he continued: I do know, Mommy, look, it's like that. A circle is made, then a long line, two smaller sticks on top and two others on the bottom.

6. And the story was called Cinderella

I told my children (three and four years old) a story: Then the prince came to the giant's house and the giant let him stay there, but for that he had to cook, wash the dishes and order. They replied: He became his mother !.

7. Dogs go to heaven

My three-year-old nephew, after seeing how a little dog was hit by a car, sat down to talk to his mom. She wanted to make him understand that the puppy was going to be in a better place: the sky. But he, doubting what she was saying, asked: Mom, if the little dog stepped on a car and goes to heaven, where does it go if a plane hits it?

8. Being an astronaut is a piece of cake

When my son was three years old, he always said that when he grew up he wanted to be an astronaut, and one day I told him that if he wanted to be an astronaut, he had to study hard and he replied: I just have to get the license to drive rockets and that's it.

9. You can buy me an ice cream only if you want

When my daughter arrived from school she said: Mom, buy me an ice cream or if not. I quickly answered: Or if not what ?, and she very relaxed told me: or if it will not be for the next.

10. Children with the soul of a comedian

My four-year-old girl asked me if I knew which animal had the most teeth. I thought he would tell me the tiger or the lion, but he told me to mouse the teeth.

11. When they give you a defective brother

When my son was four years old he told me: my brother does not speak, buy him a new mouth because what he has does not work.

12. It is better to have a mom than a girlfriend

A lady says hello to my two-year-old son and asks if she already had a girlfriend. My son, with annoyed face, replies: No, I have a mother.

13. What tenderness!

The other day, walking with my son, we saw daisies and told him to take one. He, very serious, answered me: I do not need to take the leaves off a flower to know that I love you. He is seven years old.

14. Who confuses a plane with a plane?

My family and I had a picnic. Very excited I told my three-year-old cousin: Look, Dani, a plane! and she, with a face of disgust, told me: It's not a plane, it's a plane.

15. With all my stomach that is the biggest thing I have

One day, when my son was three years old, I told him that I loved him with all my heart, and he answered me: I love you with all my television.

16. The toy does not include batteries

My son was about three years old when his godmother gave him a Superman cape, he got it excited and then he ran and ran and jumped to fly. He returned disillusioned and said to his godmother: This cloak does not work, it lacks batteries.

17. Girls who do not know how to keep a secret

I went to the bank with my three-year-old daughter to withdraw money and I met an ex-student who greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. When we arrived at the house, the first thing he said to his father was: My mom kissed a man.

18. Mom needs some natural science classes

I played with my two-year-old boy when I grabbed an action doll and told him he went flying to rescue the cat from the tree, he told me: Do not lie, mommy, people do not fly, they walk. Ducks fly, fish swim. People just walk and run.

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