17 Women of the cinema that demonstrated that the feminine force does not need layers or superpowers


They are strong, they know what they want, they do not hesitate to say what they think and best of all they are not afraid to achieve their goals. His determination and courage are admirable. The only drawback is that some of them do not exist in real life.

However, these female characters have given a special touch to the cinema and have become a source of inspiration for girls and adults, since they show that female weakness It's just a myth of males.

1. Mia

Movie: The Land

In this musical, the aspiring actress played by Emma Stone must choose between success or love.

2. Juno

Movie: Juno

When she finds out she is pregnant and makes the decision to give her baby up for adoption, she will try to get on with her life as normally as possible.

3. Mildred

Movie: Three announcements for a crime

Seeing that the police do not try to find the rapists and murderers of their daughter, Mildred will seek justice by her own hand.

4. Margaret

Movie: Big Eyes

Based on a true story. The film tells how Margaret's husband, a not very talented artist, decides to present her paintings as if they were his. Everything ends when she reveals the truth.

5. Joan

Movie: The good wife

On the night her husband wins the Nobel Prize for Literature, Joan decides to reveal her biggest secret: she has written all the novels that brought her husband to fame.

6. Hailey

Movie: Florida Project

A tape that shows a terrible reality. Hailey will try to make the world a better place for her daughter, no matter what.

7. Joy

Movie: The room

Based on a true story. She was abducted when she was 17 years old, insulted and then had a child by her kidnapper, but now she is free. The film narrates the reincorporation in society of someone destroyed on the outside and inside.

8. Tracy Turnblad

Movie: Hairspray

He does not care what others think of her. Her passion for music helps her overcome any obstacle and her love for herself is incredible.

9. Jessie

Movie: The game of Gerald

After her husband dies of a cardiac arrest, she is tied to the bed in an uninhabited place. The situation in which she finds herself leads her to remember her past and does her best to survive.

10. Maggie

Movie: million dollar Baby

Hilary Swank plays Maggie, a 31-year-old waitress who always dreamed of being a boxer in a male-dominated sport.

11. Billie Jean King

Movie: The battle of the sexes

The film shows one of the most emblematic tennis matches of the 20th century. There is no weaker sex in this mixed competition in which the character of Emma Stone confronts Bobby Riggs, played by Steve Carell.

12. Christine

Movie: Lady Bird

It is one of the best representations that have been made of adolescents in the history of cinema. A free spirit that tries to find its place in the world, but that is definitely strong.

13. Abbie

Movie: Women of the twentieth century

Abbie is the most fantastic character of all. This photographer discovers that she has not taken advantage of life enough and decides to change her existence with feminist education.

14. Empress Furious

Movie: Mad Max: Fury on the way

Before, Mel Gibson was an absolutely stereotyped hero, but in this installment appears Furiosa, a warrior who rebels against the system, in a totally feminist action film.

15. Lisbeth Salander

Movie: The girl with the tattooed dragon

She is the protagonist of one of the most extreme films of the 21st century. Being one of the best hackers from Sweden, will solve a huge mystery using methods not very conventional.

16. Hermione

Movie: The Harry Potter saga

She is the most intelligent magician and the most powerful of Hogwarts. Without it, the films would not have ended in a victory for the good guys.

17. Veronica

Movie: Widows

After her husband dies in the middle of a robbery, Veronica and two other women are going to finish the work that their husbands began. Without a doubt, she has what it takes to become a mastermind.

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