17 Things you will always miss about your EX best friend


Maybe the circumstances drove them away, or simply on the way their friendship was losing strength, but there are things that lived together and that can never forget. No matter if they come back together or not, there will always be things that you will miss about your old and best friend.

1. All the promises they made

The trip they said they would make one day. Go shopping to celebrate that they got the ideal job. You still think about the things you said they would do together someday and you wonder how they would have turned out.

2. The text messages I sent you when something important or unexpected happened

You meet an ex-boyfriend at the bar and the first impulse you have is to send a text message to your old best friend. It would be something like: You will not believe who the hell I just ran into!

3. To hear all the details about your love life

Screenshots of messages worthy of being displayed; the last crush on the boy you were harboring serious feelings with; the boy that you thought could finally make you forget all the bad quotes of your life

4. Participate in the family of the other

You became someone very close to your family. It was like a second home to you, and you still think about them from time to time and you wonder how they are.

5. Know the mood of each one

It was the best.

6. The routines they shared together

Breakfast at their favorite restaurant or the series marathons on Thursday nights: both had a routine they loved.

7. The exchange of clothes

If you two were of the same size and shared a similar style, it was always fun to get ready together to get out. They were always borrowing the clothes and shoes of the other.

8. Having someone you did not do anything with and still had fun

Whether you were resting in your apartment watching videos on YouTube or just sitting quietly reading or watching the landscape, it was something you were comfortable with and had an excellent time.

9. Making jokes that no one else was able to understand

Now you try to make those jokes and your current friends laugh with you, but you know they do not understand them like your friend. You and she had a kind of secret language.

10. Get drunk and watch your favorite TV shows

Gossip Girl and some obscure Netflix documentaries were all they needed, along with those cocktails that she prepared better than you. Your particular version of fun.

11. Your social circle

Just like breaking up with someone, when you split the tie with your best friend, you take sides. Even if the common friends promise that they will still be friends of both, it simply will not be the same when everyone expects them to be there.

12. Find something you know you absolutely love and can not give it to them

You knew your personal style better than anyone else and when you go shopping and find something you know you would love, your heart breaks a little.

13. The conversations

Sometimes they went for a coffee especially to talk about the pending issues; others had pajama parties in which they spent hours having conversations about different topics. They planned moments and activities together. Those moments defined their friendship.

14. Outings of friends

When you hated the rest of the world or just the guy you dated, you could always count on your friend. You could send him a message like: I hate everyone, do we go out tonight? , and you knew that she would always be there.

15. How strange you could be, and that she was totally fine with that

Do something completely strange and that she would join you with her own weirdness.

16. Being able to do things you would never be able to do with other friends

Pick up the other's plate. Make video calls at 2 in the morning when you were traveling, bored or with the need to talk to someone. Embrace her a day of rest. There is no one who is at that same level yet.

17. That bothers you and you do not care because you've known her for a long time

Sure, you can always make new friends, but the history of those special friendships are different. When someone knows about your family, your ups and downs and all the little moments of your life, a special bond is created: the one that took years to build.

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