17 things you MUST wait for if you go out with a girl accustomed to being alone


Enjoying the company of one person, for many, is one of the best things in life. However, there are women who love and enjoy their solitude and independence.

If you initiate a courtship with a girl who is accustomed to being alone, there are things you should know, because your behavior could make you feel that you are invading your space, and yours will make you doubt about the ground you are on.

Here we tell you 17 things you should expect when you go out with a girl who is in charge of your life.

1. Expect to do your own things without warning

It's not that she does not care, it's just that she has learned to do what she wants, when she wants to, without asking permission or informing anyone.

2. You probably want to take things easy

Do not think you do not like her enough, in fact, you probably like her a lot, everything is just new to her.

3. Expect your friends to be overprotective and doubt you

They are not used to seeing it with someone. They just want to make sure that you are the kind of person who will treat her well and make her happy.

4. It will be hard for her to stop doing things alone

Try not to take it so personally. She was used to taking care of herself, and it's going to be hard to have to live in a world where she has someone else who wants to take care of her.

5. Expect to be stubborn

He will always want to do things his way, and will fight for it. You should not let her win every time, but sometimes it will be good for everything to turn out as she wants.

6. Sometimes you will need to leave it alone

Especially when they start dating together, during the period in which she is supposed to be crazy about you. He thinks he has more butterflies in his stomach than he can control, so he needs time to assimilate things.

7. Wait for her to move away from you

Especially when you realize how much you like them. He will come back, but he needs time to think about what he is feeling.

8. I will question you

Sometimes directly, others implicitly, but always about your feelings for her. He wants to know if they are real or if he is only imagining them.

9. Expect to be stubborn

She will tell you I have everything under control more times than you would like to hear, but she is getting used to being around you. Over time, you will know how to give a little control and accept the help you are giving.

10. It is on the defensive

And you will not like to let yourself get into his life. It is waiting to see if you are patient and if you are worth it or not.

11. Expect to be stingy with confidence

She just wants to give you a little at a time. But every time I give you that little bit, it will feel like a big step. Value the great effort you are making.

12. It will seem too strong

Maybe it will only be at the beginning. Do not be intimidated, this is only your cover. When you get to know her you will realize that she is strong but very fragile at the same time; hard but kind.

13. Expect it to be reserved

At least with the important things. Until you really get to know her. And when you get to do it, then you will see the indomitable, natural, real and beautiful version that she will let you discover.

14. It will be slow to let you see their vulnerabilities

It will hide many of its weaknesses. And when I finally show you, you'll feel naked. Dress her with your sympathetic and loving words.

15. It will seem that you do not need

But he wants you by his side. And when I recognize it, you will experience the most exciting sensation of your life.

16. You will be afraid

Fear that you hurt her; fear to love and be loved. Fear that you will eventually hurt her, or abandon her, because if this happens she will not know who she was before you.

17. Being alone is your comfort zone

But expect her to fall more quickly in love with you than she wants to admit, and in a way that is not loud, but powerful. It will be like a little piece of heaven. And it does not matter if you love her for a time or for a lifetime, her love will change you both forever.

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