17 Things that will NEVER tell you about being a girl's dad, but that they are extraordinary


Being a dad is one of the biggest challenges that some men have to face and it gets even bigger when it's time to be the father of a girl. When this happens, along with the responsibility is given a relationship of affection, understanding, acceptance and complicity that you would not change for anything in the world.

These are the things that only a dad who loves his daughter and has seen her grow up could tell you:

1. From the moment you see it for the first time, you will want to protect it and keep it away from the pain

2. Pink and purple will become your favorite colors

3. Tea meetings, make-up, hair tubes and barbies will be your favorite pastime

4. You will become a feminist

5. Love for your wife will grow even more

6. Tenderness will completely take over your world

7. Shopping will be fun

8. You will become sensitive and vulnerable

9. Princess movies will like you more than you thought

10. You will surely be a fan of the boyband that she loves so much

11. The only goal of your life will be to never stop being your hero

12. The only thing you will want in the world is that time stops so that she does not grow

13. You will feel devastated when you realize that your little one begins to notice the boys

14. Within you will emerge a watchdog and you will hate all men during that transition

15. The day of your wedding you will cry more than anyone else

16. The day you become a grandparent, you will secretly wish that baby is a girl

17. Always, when you feel that your heart no longer belongs to you, it will be because it beats to make it and to see it happy

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