17 Things that happen when you've been friends with someone ALWAYS


A friend is a person that we choose, a companion of battles, someone that you keep in spite of situations that could alienate them and thanks to many others that unite them.

A friend accompanies you in the most difficult moments without needing to be physically by your side. It makes your life easier with your words and your jokes. On the other hand, you know that he will not lie to you even if the truth is sometimes painful. You can go to her to give her advice on difficult issues and important situations in life.

Friendship, without a doubt, can last a lifetime. With this friend who is almost a sister, we will pass situations like these.

1. They will live in different places at least once

They will go to different schools or universities; Maybe they live in different cities and lose constant communication, but they know that when they see each other they will be the same old friends.

2. They laugh at each other's joke before they finish telling it

(Well: this is true for friends) They are so connected that they start to laugh even if the joke is not so funny, or they have heard it before.

3. Fights do not matter to them too much

They are not afraid to argue, but they can not be angry for long.

4. There is no personal space between you

There are no limits in your personal space. They can sleep together and share a lot of things.

5. The silence between you is comfortable

It is not necessary to talk all the time, you enjoy silence.

6. Words sometimes left over

They know that words are not necessary to know how they feel or to express to the other the affection you feel for them.

7. Pictures and silly messages are sent

(Also for friends) The snapchats and whatsapps get heavier as the friendship deepens: people who have been friends for years take the grimaces and jokes to another level.

8. It does not matter who owes money to whom

When they pay between the two when going out, they know that the important thing is that it was worth every peso spent

9. They share the food

You can even try the other's dish, except when you have ordered your favorite food.

10. You are the person who will approve your partner

And not everyone will find it enough for your friend.

11. They know everything about the people who have been in their life

They know their schoolmates and all their ex. They probably have the same friends on Facebook.

12. You have been your personal psychologist

She is someone you trust; has the ability to lift your spirits and support you to move forward.

13. With the passage of time they have become more united

For her, literally, you would throw yourself out of a building, since your friendship has been strengthened over the years.

14. They have kept all their secrets

They know their tragedies and romances; his follies and his successes. Not for nothing have they been close in every moment they have lived it.

15. They want each other in any way

Their love has survived even mistakes they have made that have sometimes affected them.

16. It will be part of your life

They will know what has happened to all the dreams they spoke of when they were girls. They will be happy when they finish college and get a job. They will be present on their wedding day and the birth of their children, only to celebrate together that their friendship is stronger than time.

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