17 super kawaii backgrounds to decorate your cell phone


If you are a lover of Japanese culture or just want your cell phone to reflect your most tender and sweet side, do not hesitate to change your wallpaper for any of the following designs.

Remove the photo from your crush of the wallpaper of your mobile, and give it a touch kawaii with a single image. But be careful, because they are so cute that you can not stop looking at them for a single second.

1. Cats for everyone!

2. The most tender monster you'll see in your life

3. It's so spongy!

4. A little love for you crush

5. That's why sushi is my favorite food

6. They just need a touch of jam

7. Bunny, pretty!

8. Soft, fluffy and colorful

9. The sirenacats exist! And I have the screen background test

10. Neither so sweet nor so rude

11. Fly!

12. I think I can not stop looking at my cell phone

13. Hamtaro! Kushi, kushi, kushi, kushi, kiiiii

14. We are for each other

15. I could not drink that cup of chocolate

16. Who said that rudeness and sweetness do not mix?

17. Welcome baby avocado

How To Make Your PHONE Look CUTE! Cases, PopSockets, Wallpapers | Cait B (April 2021)