17 Slavic people who are identical to Hollywood celebrities


Slavorum is a fun and informative website, which provides information about the Slavic culture with a touch of humor. They recently unveiled a list of Slavic people who resemble famous celebrities.

We started as a page focused on tourism, but instead of showing only locations we wanted to show our sense of humor, our culture and our daily difficulties that we take lightly.

Slavic or not, anyone can enjoy these incredible similarities.

1. Amy Winehouse

2. Emilia Clark

3. Bruce Willis

4. Anthony Hopkins

5. Dr. House

6. Leonardo DiCaprio

7. Ron Weasley

8. Nicole Kidman

9. Donald Trump

10. Angelina Jolie

11. John Snow

12. Cara Delevingne

13. Justin Bieber

14. Julia Stiles

15. Daniel Radcliffe

16. Jennifer Lawrence

17. Megan Fox

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