17 Movies and series that you should see if you are obsessed with Black Mirror


From its first season on Netflix, Black Mirror it became a sensation because of the way in which it shapes the future of humanity, which, beyond being a mere fantasy, seems to be the inevitable destiny we face for giving so much power to technology.

If you stayed chopped and you're thirsty for more productions like this, Netflix has in its catalog these 17 movies and series that follow the same line as Black Mirror, and they are equally great and terrifying.

1. Maniac

Annie, obsessed with the bad relationship with her mother, and Owen, schizophrenic, they meet when they undergo an experiment to solve their personal problems. But things go wrong for them.

2. What happened to Monday?

In a future in which it is forbidden to have more than one child, six septillizas who pretend to be the same person to be able to go out to the outside world try to escape from the government to look for their seventh sister who has disappeared suddenly.

3. Tomorrowland

Casey discovers a device capable of taking her to another reality that only really intelligent people can enter to change the world and safeguard the future.

4. Love Death and Robots

Genres such as science fiction, fantasy, horror and black comedy converge in this animated anthology of 18 stories that have love, death and robots in common.

5. Annihilation

Biologist Lena embarks on an expedition to an environmental disaster zone in search of her lost husband. What he finds is frightening and exceeds the limits of the imagination.

6. iBoy

Tom awakes from the coma after a shooting that left several fragments of his cell embedded in his body. Thanks to this you get the power to control electronic devices that allows you to get revenge.

7. Blocked account

The account that Alice uses to work is stolen by a fake who pretends to be her and is not afraid to take things to the extreme to expose her secrets.

8. Anon

There is no privacy because thanks to technology everything that people do is recorded and is public knowledge. It seemed the end of the crime until a series of murders occurred, of which there is no clue.

9. Tau

Julia is kidnapped by a scientist who locks her up in her smart home in order to improve artificial intelligence.

10. Altered Carbon

Takeshi, a convicted criminal, after 250 years asleep awakens in a future in which human consciousness can be stored and deposited in another body. Now he must help solve a homicide.

11. Otherlife

Ren creates a substance that allows you to experience virtual realities, but one day you are trapped in your own experiment and have to find a way to wake up.

12. Lucid dream

Through dreams, a detective desperately searches for his missing son three years ago.

13. Circle

A group of strangers wakes up mysteriously in a room and only one of them can survive, so they must face the task of deciding who will be.

14. The cube

One day a group of people who have nothing in common wakes up in a strange place: a labyrinth of cubes that seems to have no way out.

15. Mute

When his girlfriend disappears in a Berlin in 2056, Leo, who lost his speech because of an accident in his childhood, must immerse himself in the underworld where he will learn sordid secrets.

16. Asmosis

A dating application guarantees to find the soul mate of the users, accessing your mind. But the fact that it can see the darkest corners will bring serious consequences.

17. Locust

In the not too distant future, single people are arrested and forced to live in a hotel to find love in 45 days; otherwise they will be converted into animals.

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