17 Marvel scenes that were totally improvised by the actors


Everyone has ever cited any phrase in the Marvel saga, or we have even been fascinated by such scenes that become icons in the world of cinema, but what would you think if we told you that many of them were improvised by talent of its actors.

Meet these wonderful moments where the actors knew exactly what their characters wanted to say.

1. The uncomfortable hug between Spiderman and Iron Man

Tom Holland thought that hugging Robert Downey in the Spider Man: Homecoming film would be very funny because of how uncomfortable he would look. And Robert who has such an improvised instinct with the phrase: Oh no! I'm not trying to hug you. I'm just trying to get to the door. Only the laughter of the producers could be heard.

2. Thor asks for help

The humor of Chris Hemsworth is such that the director Taika Waititi on more than one occasion wanted to show it in Thor's film: Ragnarok. Often they filmed several scenes and always in a different way. So in the movie scene decides to ask for help we can definitely see the achievement

3. Doctor Strange and Beyoncé

In Doctor Strange's film, Benedict Cumberbatch joked about the surname Wong, making him rhyme with Beyoncé. The actor who played Wong said in an interview that the scene was completely improvised by Benedict and the soloist reacted accordingly.

4. I am Iron Man

Robert Downet Jr., in the first film of Iron Man decided to leave the script with the powerful phrase: I am Iron Man, which gave one of the most famous phrases, giving a perfect closure to the film.

5. Gorilla sounds?

In Black Panther, when the last allies of TChalla, decide to ask for help from the MBaku, the actor Winston Duke who played the head of this same clan, decided to make sounds of gorilla, to reaffirm the power of this. Director Ryan Coogler said in the comments on the DVD that improvised animal sounds were perfect for the film and perfect for demonstrating Winston's talent.

6. Thor's snake story

The story of the snake as you should expect was improvised by actor Chris Hemswoth and was included in Thor's tape: Ragnarok, but what they probably do not know, is that they recorded about six different versions, six stories completely improvised by Chris, but In the end they decided to keep the snake's.

7. Iron Man's sandwiches

Apparently Robert Downey Jr., always hid mouths on the set of film. And one day he just took out his blueberry bag and offered it to Mark Rufallo and Chris Evans, they just went along with Robert, an excellent scene of the personality of Tony and Robert.

8. Thor's taste for coffee

It seems that everything Chris Hemsworth does is good. In the scene of Thor's first film, the actor came up with the idea: Another! After taking the coffee cup and throwing it on the floor. The scene is as good as the reactions of the rest of the cast.

9. Why is Gamora?

Apparently the dialogue would end in Who is Gamora ?, said by Tony Stark. But, Dave Bautista who played Dax, added spontaneously: I have a better one, why is Gamora? . Where even the scriptwriter praises him.

10. Hello, aunt

Michael B. Jordan decided to greet the character of Angela Bassett, saying: Hello, aunt !. A scene too comical despite how tense it is.

11. Captain America's pectorals

The actress Hayley Atwell in the film Captain America: The First Avenger, instinctively played the biceps of Chris Evans, although we do not blame her. This gesture gave a turn of reality and appreciation to see the exuberant body of Captain America.

12. He's a friend from work!

Even though the phrase may seem lie: It is a friend of work! In Thor: Ragnok, it did not occur to Chris Hemsworth, but to a little boy who visited the set by the Make-A-Wish association.

13. The always good mood of Wolverine

Without doubt one of the best scene of X-men: First Class, is when Magneto and Professor X try to recruit Wolverine. Hugh Jackman, who had already played his character for years. He knew exactly what to answer

14. Deadpool equal to an avocado?

T.J Miller improvised quite a few lines on the Deadpool film, but the funniest ones are when he compares Deadpool with an avocado

15. I do not want to leave, Mr. Stark

We could not stop including one of the most emotional scenes of the Avengers: Infinity War. The sweet and truly painful phrase Peter Park makes when he disappears into the arms of Tony Stark, is memorable.

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