17 Magical ideas for a quinceañera worthy of Beauty and the Beast


For those of us who grew up with Disney movies, having a princess party and feeling like a fairy tale is a dream come true.

Yes Beauty and the Beast is your favorite movie, these 17 ideas for a themed quinceanera will enchant you and make you feel like in your own movie.

1. You need a dress worthy of a princess

2. With their respective shoes

3. Bella would like this bouquet made of books

4. Do not forget the costume of your chamberlains

5. To have dreamy photographs

6. Captivate your family and friends with invitations

7. Create a magical atmosphere with the colors of the film

8. Objects vintage to recreate the characters

9. A centerpiece for which everyone will fight

10. Chip is a perfect candy

11. Do not forget the books!

12. Let Lumière illuminate your outdoor party

13. Adorn the dishes with small golden beads

14. Themed sweets and full of color

15. They will love these cookies!

16. The perfect cake does not exist

17. Let your guests take a nice memory

Francine @18 | Harry Potter Themed Debut (January 2021)