17 cell phone wallpapers that will connect you with nature


As much as we would like, many times we can not spend time in nature: to go camping, to swim to the sea, to walk on a path, to breathe clean air

Luckily, these 17 beautiful wallpapers will bring nature to your cell phone so you do not lose contact with it.

1. Pretty and simple daisies

2. Not all the foliage is green

3. A flower inside a drop

4. A pastel colored ocean

5. The sea is intense

6. And also awesome

7. A mysterious bamboo forest

8. You will want to put your feet in the water

9. Nemo on your cell phone

10. Petals that look painted

11. We all like to step on dry leaves

12. What do you want to be a bird?

13. The stars are not only in heaven

14. Sunflowers sleeping

15. Jellyfish that hypnotize

16. Rain of petals

17. A succulent garden that you do not need to water

App Helps Connect Smartphone Users To Nature's Glory (April 2021)