17 Amazing books that maybe you did not know and are a jewel of fantasy


The books are a passageway to other worlds. Its smell is intoxicating and the texture of its pages is like a caress; each of them tells a story that ends up becoming a shot of fantasy.

And if you're already tired of TV series marathons and want to escape reality for a few moments and meet new characters, parallel worlds and magical stories, we recommend 17 books that will take you to explore every corner of your imagination.

1. Remember password José Á. Gómez Iglesias

We spend our lives remembering. Our memories, good or bad, are turning us into everything we are.

2. The best thing to do is go back Albert Espinosa

There comes a time in life when you must decide between being right or finding peace.

3. Poor soul in disgrace Disney Publishing Worldwide

What led à r rsula to become the most despicable witch of the sea?

4. An almost definitive list of my worst nightmares Krystal Sutherland

Two strangers share and face their greatest fears about life, death and ideal love that never seems to come.

5. An ideal world Liz Braswell

What would happen if Jafar takes the place of the Sultan with the help of a second wonderful lamp?

6. Girls to power Lorraine Cink

Get ready to know the triumphs, failures and secrets of the strongest girls in the Marvel Universe.

7. The map that takes me to you J.P. Monninger

Jack and Heather meet during the summer, as the days go by they will have to separate and make the decision to continue with their lives as they were before they met or continue together.

8. Idiotized Modern Village

A comic that will change your vision about princesses, fairies and happy endings.

9. My reflection Elizabeth Lim

Mulan travels to the underworld to rescue the spirit of Li Shang and bring him back to the world of the living.

10. #Amiga account Platelet and Andonella

Each of its pages will help you discover your true self, until you find a point of harmony.

11. The sun is also a star Nicola Yoon

A girl who only believes in science and tangible facts; a boy who believes in destiny and the supernatural. When their lives cross their worlds they become one, giving way to fantasy, love and new ideals.

12. A cosmic trip to Puerto Ficción Juan Pablo Villalobos

A group of young people living in Puerto Ficción have to resort to their ingenuity to feed themselves and find refuge in the streets. His life changes completely when they steal the cell phone of an important man from the town.

13. The bestiary of Axlin Laura Gallego

Axlin lives in a world full of monsters that attack adults and steal children at night.

14. The secret store Eugenio Prados

Ana Faure travels to Europe to discover who or what ended her father's life.

15. Six of crows Leigh Bardugo

To commit the theft of his dreams, Kaz will form a team with a convict, a spy, a gunman, a geisha, a thief and a fugitive.

16. Everything we went Alberto Villarreal

A passionate but painful narrative about love at its best.

17. Mirror, Mirror Cara Delevingne

The life of Red, Leo, Rose and Naomi changes completely when they create a band called Mirror, Mirror. Music illuminates their lives and accelerates the beating of their hearts.

The Caged Elf and the Crown (Pt 1) (April 2021)