16 Wallpapers to inspire you every time you unlock your cell phone


Think of a time of day when you do not have your cell phone at hand. Could you? Surely not, because we really only get rid of the small device when we sleep.

If as the vast majority of people do not separate from your cell phone, take advantage of and use these 16 wallpapers to inspire and inject a bit of positivism every time you unlock the screen.

1. Dream big

2. The wisdom of Frida Kahlo

3. You have to be patient

4. Luna, do not abandon me anymore

5. The most important love

6. Every effort brings a reward

7. Let life take its course

8. You deserve the love you give to the world

9. Life is for that

Phrase screen background for cell phone; "love, laugh and live" wallpaper

10. Buddha does know

11. Make your day count

12. In case you broke your heart

13. Too much glamorous as for me to care

14. Get the good out of difficult situations

15. Nothing is coincidence

16. Most important Be happy!

Phrase screen background for cell phone; plates wallpaper forming phrase "be happy"

How to see motivational quotes on Android lock screen (April 2021)