16 Things that confirm that your life seems to have come out of Gossip Girl; you will identify with all


Millionaire or not, more than one girl grew up with the fancy idea that her life was led by the creators of Gossip Girl. And surely you know it, because maybe in your adolescent life there was always a Chuck Bass that made you sigh and cry at the same time for his unbearable attitude of a boor. Nor will you forget the worst of your enemies; especially if, besides damn, the girl dared to try to copy your best looks, (iugh)

But above all things, teenage life, whether in public high school or the most expensive private school in Manhattan, nothing would have made sense without your sometimes rival, but most of the time best friend in the world: the Serena from your Blair. Well, if you have identified too much with these ridiculous dramas of wealthy girls, it is possible that you were born to be the protagonist of Gossip Girl and sure these 16 things will confirm that your life was written by the writers of this gossip series.

1. You're always tired because of a party

They are unavoidable those awakened by attending an event or your favorite bar every day.

2. Or maybe you suffer from the fatigue of doing nothing

Not necessarily because you're a millionaire, but maybe you're dedicated to getting others to do things for you.

3. But with enough energy to go shopping

Your body has a superhuman stamina when it comes to shopping.

4. Especially if you change your wardrobe every season

Since your life is a television series, each season brings new dramas, characters, situations and even moods. In 2010, you had a season dark or emoDo not deny it, girl unique and different.

5. Like it or not, your life is a tragicomedy

And you swear that you hate living with so much drama (although secretly you love him).

6. Why deny it, a new gossip excites you

Is that without gossip, where would be the fun?

7. You have a worse enemy

You are (according to you) sure that she hates you almost as much as you do her.

8. Although deep down you would not know what to do without that enmity

Yes, deep down you have a bit of envy to her style, and even if you hate her, you would miss her a lot if she stops giving you the same attention you give her, even if it's about hating her.

9. Love life = Disaster

This is where the real drama is born with an equation between male louts, and the drama with your friends and worst enemies (sometimes these last two can be the same person).

10. Uncomfortable when your two boyfriends get together

It is also rare to know that in your group of friends everyone has already gone out with everyone or at least everyone has a story together.

11. You feel love-hate for the boy from whom you can never escape

There will always be an obstacle that prevents them from consolidating their love, but why? Oh yeah! DRAMA!

12. A part of you knows that you want a love without drama

It's the secret you'll never tell any friend, especially because you know I could betray you.

13. Fighting with your best friend is nothing new

Have we already touched on the issue that friends can be enemies?

14. And then you can become your rival

They say that the best friends do not have to let them go, not for friendship and affection, but for ALL they know about you!

15. Although they will eventually settle their differences

And it's that easy: wipe and clean!

16. Life is nothing without your group of friends

Especially when you live on the edge of drama.

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