16 Simple questions that you have to ask yourself to know if you are really an abusive girlfriend


Tumblr It is known as a forum on the Internet where in addition to art, politics, cinema and photography, issues of social justice are debated. An account called exposing-the-bullshit made a call to all teenagers who might feel identified with dangerous possessive behaviors and abuse in the courtship, from the role of the abuser:

Dear young people, stop abusing your boyfriends and yes, what you are doing is qualified as abuse.

Although most of the following attitudes of abuse are, in general, a pattern among adolescent girls during their first relationships, it becomes alarming when it becomes a repetitive pattern with no example of healthy relationship and genuine love.

1. Do you forbid him to go out with his friends because you do not like him?

2. Do you hit or slap if you do something you do not like?

3. Have you forced him to have sex when he does not want to?

4. Do you leave him without an option when he wants to do something?

5. Do you swear that he is unfaithful every time he is not with you?

6. Do you force him to spend all his free time with you?

7. Do you discount their successes and / or point out their failures?

8. Do you say stupid or laugh at him if he makes a mistake?

9. Do you threaten to end it if it does not do what you want?

10. Do you cry until you get what you want from him?

11. Do you tell him he can not talk to his female friends?

12. Do you bombard it with messages if you do not answer fast on Whatsapp?

13. Do you yell at your friends?

14. Do you demand the passwords of your social networks?

15. Are you passive-aggressive if he talks to you about spending time with your friends?

16. Do you spend your money without their consent?

It is likely that these abusive starts reach adult stages and it becomes impossible to love a partner in the right way. Help us avoid abuse towards men in a relationship, if you answer YES to the next 16 questions, reflect

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